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  1. Check with Stewart Wilkins at SWMotorport at Mulgrave in NSW on 45772400 he does a conversion using a Nissan Pulsar wiper motor.
  2. This car turned up at a Cars n Coffee at Menai the other month and I'm pretty sure the for sale sign on the side window said $64k!
  3. That car got me into Z's, Brett and his brother are friends of my son and when he turned up at home with the car it rekindled my appreciation of the Z and I bought my first one a 240 in 2000 for $2500! and later i purchased my 260 which i have now.
  4. Nearly time to change the front page info for NDN17!
  5. I have a CD from the classic z club in the US that i obtained years ago but it doesn't seem to work with Windows 10 so I paid $15USD and got their downloadable version online. I think you are in Sydney Youhan you are welcome to try the CD to see if it works for you. Geoff https://www.classiczcars.com/files/file/53-s30-zcar-microfiche-downloadable-cdrom/
  6. A new one for sale in the UK https://www.samurimotorcompany.com/240z interesting to see what is sells for!
  7. Gareth, I spoke with Josh at the time and told him what use the car would get and he supplied the springs to suit the valving he had set. I have always run stiffer front springs and was/am happy with the 6kg (335lb) fronts. As I said in a previous post I changed the rears from 4 to 5kg (280) as I feel the car is better with only about 50 lbs difference front to rear. I am sure MCA would advise you on the rate they felt would suit your valving but in the end would probably fit what you wanted. Geoff
  8. Hi Kent, Not sure if this helps, but here are a couple of pics of my (your) one with a tape alongside to maybe compare with what Gav finds. Geoff
  9. The assembly came out of a 71 model but it was a while ago and my 'old timers' brain can't recall what type of gearbox was in there. Mine looks like a reverse of yours Roger with the spline bit at the gearbox end. Geoff
  10. FOR SALE - R180 3.9 open K series diff with bolt in half shafts, moustache bar and tailshaft. This stuff has been sitting in my garage for quite a few years now and it is time to make some space. The assembly is as I pulled it out of a 240 I bought back in 2000 (for $2500!!). The moustache bar has had the original rubber bushes removed and I haven't seen a tailshaft like this one (it was a track car). Looking for $750 or thereabouts. * Located south of Sydney near Jannali Geoff
  11. Yes, I have a Willwood 1" master cylinder with standard 260Z booster. I previously ran the standard master cylinder with the Toyota Hilux brakes and had no problems and good pedal, however when I fitted the SW kit I figured I would change the master cylinder at the same time. You might want to fit the brakes first and see what you think of the pedal. My Willwood came from Rocket Industries at Huntingwood. If you do change to one you have to make a small adjustment to the push rod length in the booster. The attached link gives instructions on what is required. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/102754-a-one-inch-diameter-brake-master-cylinder-for-the-s30-z-cars/ Geoff
  12. I checked the DBA site the rotors are 296mm, with decent pads (Hawk) I find the brakes more than enough for the track. But then I don't have a V8 auto!
  13. Hi, Approx 295mm, they are DBA 5040IS. Geoff
  14. I have the SW setup with DBA rotors and R33 calipers and everything bolted up fine, I can't say if the calipers are GTS-T or not. Naybe you can tell from the pics?
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