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  1. Yeah, $79k. It tempted me briefly, but for me it's just too much money for a car that IMO isn't quite as all-time cool as the S30. Probably fair to say it's rarer than the Z, though. In legit 2000GT form, anyway!
  2. Has anybody seen this car in recent years? I was actually the photographer of those dyno day shots, haha. Fu and I used to hang in the same group (JTYPE and JDMST). I should track him down and see what’s up!
  3. Yeah my partner showed me that one last night, feels dodgy for sure.
  4. This one is up to 50k now too. Still a while to go!
  5. Loving this story. You’re a heck of a writer, mate!
  6. Jeez, what a journey already. Can’t wait to see more on this one! I’ll be following closely.
  7. oof, that’s extremely nice. Those were another of my longtime faves, but ultimately not one I’d be quite as prepared to spend big money on. They just don’t look as exotic as the Z.
  8. There’s a few of us prepared to pay today’s asking prices, yeah. Mind you, it’s not without a lot of grimacing and regret that I didn’t make a move 20 years ago. These things are the reason I launched grandJDM.com, after all! (Which I later handed over to the guys at Japanese Nostalgic Car.) The simple fact is, I want one and I’m not interested in taking on a resto project. I’m not wealthy, but my career has progressed to the point where I’m finally in the position to access finance without having to live on a diet of 2-minute noodles or leave my family without the things they need. Incr
  9. Yep. I’m not necessarily in a hurry, but the longer I have to wait, there’s a good chance I’ll just go for the Z35, haha.
  10. Haha, thanks guys, this has all been very helpful. I guess I’ll continue to sit and watch the market for the right buy! It’s tough; I prefer the ‘Devil Z’ look as noted, and I know there aren’t heaps of those around – and rightly so, given what it means doing to the guards. Likewise, I don’t want to be the guy that bought a clean Z and cut it up, so... I guess I’ll just wait and watch!
  11. Ah well that’s good of him at least. A different idea of what “a couple small spots of rust” means though, haha. Thanks again!
  12. Oh wow, where did you learn/see all this? Thank you for that @smugley!
  13. Ah wow, thanks Gav, that really puts some more context to the car for me. It looks incredible to me (I do prefer the Devil Z look over the factory style), but all the work done to it might actually be a bit too full-on for me... hmm! It’d almost be wasted on me, haha.
  14. Apologies if this one has been posted already, but what do y’all think of it? I’m very tempted... It’s the look I prefer (although I wish the wats were still on it) and the L28 is hugely appealing too. (Tried to paste the URL but the mobile interface wouldn’t let me, weirdly. It said it was pasting, but nothing appeared in the window...)
  15. Aaaah but you see, I'm not fussed about power – even the S30 doesn't make much, really, in a modern context. Slow cars are still plenty of fun, if not more so! Plus I have access to powerful cars through work, heh. And you're absolutely right, the 86 is not a super stylish car in its stock form, but I'd certainly never keep it in its stock form, haha. Correct, too, that the 2+2 Zs don't do it for me. I can't stand the roofline, and whether I can see it from behind the wheel doesn't matter much; I want to look at it when I'm mowing the lawn and be in love with the sight of it, y'know?
  16. Ha, been holding tight for a long time! If I could find the right car for less than $40k, I'd jump on it this very second – but 'the right car' is a manual two-seater, and you just don't see those around for under 40k. Well, not without needing a lot of work – and tbh I don't have the skills or inclination for that, or the budget to have it in and out of workshops. Yes mate that was me, how ya trackin'? Early RX-7s aren't really my style aesthetically – I don't hate them, but it's just not where my heart is. Likewise the MX-5 – an absolute hoot to drive, but a little too
  17. Well, this has all pretty successfully reminded me I won't be getting a two-seat, manual S30 anytime soon, haha. If ever! I joined these forums years ago when I was a young broke designer. I have a good job these days, earning decent money – but now I also have a mortgage on a fixxer-upper, and two expensive young children (full-time childcare is pricey)! Ah well. This is my first post in probably 10 years, who knows when my next will come, hah. I've been thinking more and more, lately, that I might have to make do with a 2018 vintage Toyota 86. Not the car of my dreams, but i
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