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  1. Perfect tool for doing the wheel arch mod to fit larger wheels ey lurch Can you do mine?
  2. fufu

    Only dodgy bit on the car

    ; ; sorry to see that Andrew, i couldn't see that section when i inspected it.
  3. fufu

    Rear Brakes

    LOL i just had a read, alot of the questions are by kids i reckon. Woza did you buy the corner packages? Or did you buy the race kits and modified your own strut to accomodate? I wanted to know if thats a 240z or a 260z struts that were used.
  4. fufu

    Rear Brakes

    i'm down for one! I think its quite funny how, azc cbf engineering this. Because they assumed everyone would just convert to hydraulic rear disc brakes setup.
  5. fufu

    Rear Brakes

    WOW... nice adaptation. That would also make a good drift setup with the added mechanical handbrake extension
  6. fufu

    Face off

    VLAD! too many beers again? whats with the random posing shots? :lol:
  7. fufu


    Mmmm... i'm going to guess... Is that yellow paint or rust being the difference. D'Oh
  8. fufu

    Datsun 260z 2+2

    :cry: yea... back in 2002 a minibus with my brother in it was struck by a wrx. It rolled over 3 times and it was all over the news.
  9. fufu

    My 240Z Project: It Begins!

    As you all know i was in the market for a 240Z in which i could restore from scratch. Well i have the 240Z now and boy is it a chaotic experience.
  10. Actually it's a nardi steering wheel, i managed to snap one up on ebay :lol:
  11. * Just a note i have edited this journal as the previous version had lots of images that didn't fit. Got my 240Z delivered on Melbourne Cup Tuesday, poor guy who delivered it was from Sydney and didn't get the day off he just said "You people down here just don't do anything today". Anyways as soon as it got off the trailer... it wouldn't budge... battery was flat. After an hour of pushing the car into a reasonable position so that another car could jump start it... all i can say is... "IT'S ALIVE" and smells like a lawnmower. Got it into the garage and start stripping.
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