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  1. Congrats mate, the little guy is going to be driving some sweet cars when he gets older!
  2. 240z su carbs, was working well and tuned by DJM automotive before being removed for triple carbs $500
  3. Thanks Gav. Once the L24 is done Peter is helping me install it so should be good
  4. First update in a long time, I fitted up the factory valance as the car should be back on the road soon, looking forward to driving it again after a few years off the road.
  5. Went for my first roll yesterday on the CX in a few months, heaps of people on the yarra trails, I don't know if its just me but it looks like everyone is eyeballing each other, ready to call the corona cops if your having too much fun. Sucks the spring classics are off, probably my favourite racing of the year.
  6. I thought Kevs skyline sold a while ago?? My 240z is with Shannons as well and I had to push to get it to 70k
  7. Nope, I'll be happy just to get a few rides on the bike
  8. Zolder in on red bull tv tonight and Wout is back in action tomorrow
  9. I might be able to make it, meet for a coffee in warrandyte?
  10. I think they used to be called streetlens, easy to deal with and good quality
  11. I thought Troy had it too being fastest by 2 seconds with 1 rider to go.
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