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  1. I thought Troy had it too being fastest by 2 seconds with 1 rider to go.
  2. Good to see an Aussie on the podium for the world champs XCO this morning, Hopefully a few more with the DH tomorrow morning.
  3. You could always just hire one there, dont have to worry about packing your bike either, or this could be just an excuse to buy another MTB, at least thats what I'd tell my Mrs
  4. Quads have taken a hit after barely riding for 3 months but looking forward to a big cx ride this weekend, Jeff beer handups are one of the great things about cyclocross Dave it would be good to get a few guys together for a mtb ride sometime, maybe at Lysty or Buxton, I shouldnt be too far away from getting a mtb again.
  5. You calling me Matt too Dave Cyclocross is my favorite discipline followed by MTBing (especially when its slick and muddy) Photo by freewheel images
  6. So is this Kameari 432 head just a different design of the OS giken one as surely its not a copy?
  7. https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/vehicle_regulation/bulletin/files/NCOP3_Section_LA_Engine_01jan2011_v3.pdf
  8. Looks like Kameari are doing a 432 head https://www.facebook.com/404835809592602/photos/a.441574122585437/2055323637877136/?type=3&theater
  9. Good idea Jeff, that could be a lot of cash saved to go into other areas of your build.
  10. 2k sounds like way too much Jeff, when the dashboard doctor did my dash alone it was about $600
  11. Loved the old gemini And the shaggin wagon
  12. Looks like you can still get the 8641-1060 though https://www.amazon.com/Koni-8641-1060Sport-Sport-Front-Nissan/dp/B009EPR2JY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1548709520&sr=8-1&keywords=8641-1060
  13. Does that mean no more facebook posts Gav
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