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  1. I think it looks fantastic. But I’m having trouble convincing the wife that she will need a new car soon, it should be manual and this is the car Jeff
  2. Music video from Skeemers with 3 Z cars in it. Song aptly names fairlady . Skeemers are described as a Budapest based surf band from Hungary. Enjoy Jeff
  3. Thumbs up. Yes that's the place. There is no fire wall yet rather referring to how Locky has repaired the front rails. Using the same process may or may not work for the fire wall? If you get what I mean. Jeff
  4. Gee the poor old girl does have some rust! What condition is the panel at the bottom of the air plenum? On the inside of the rust in the fire wall? I’m guessing it’s not great as the rust would have started on that side. Best option for fixing the fire wall in my opinion would be to do something similar to what Locky did repairing the front rail/inner guard rust on the “Factory fresh” project. Cutting and removing the rusted section of the fire wall out and then replacing it. This may also allow access to the bottom of the plenum box to also repair it. Keep your head up it’s not that bad. There are several project in the pages of this forum that have been recovered from worse condition that your car. Jeff
  5. That’s a tidy looking car surprisingly priced for that vendor. But and it’s Mr Lees so be carful. Love the comment “let the nerds de code that”. Wonder who that’s aimed at? Jeff
  6. At the local coffee shop today on the way back from rego inspection. Engineer is happy with only a couple of quite simple but important things to fix. Fuel line rubbing in two spots that were not possible to see until the car was on a hoist, change the vacuum hose on the break booster as it’s not the appropriate line and change the speedo drive on the gear box to the correct one so the speedo works. I’ll get these sorted and then go back probably next week. Jeff
  7. Scotta They are 15x7 with +25 offset. Im going to run a 10mm spacer with the 205/55 tires. This gives the same scrub angle as STD. Jeff
  8. Tim I have a set of used engine mounts. You pay for postage they are yours. Drop me a PM if you want them. Jeff
  9. Grant you won’t have any problems moving it on I’m sure. Saw one sold late last year that was very rusty for quite a serious price. Jeff
  10. Ouch. That’s quite a few projects. All achievable but will take a bit of time, perseverance and lots of patients. Jeff
  11. Locky I wasn’t being totally serious. Rather a comment on exactly what you have said. You are a business and look at it that way. You spent other people money to get them the best outcome. As opposed to it being a hobby. BTW I totally agree with you. I spent ages working on my original bonnet. The reproduction ones were not available at the time. I was never 100% happy with it. So I recently picked up a preproduction one from MCP that I will paint at some stage and fit to the car. Probably would have just replaced the drivers site door if they were available as well. Jeff
  12. The thrill and ease of spending other people money Jeff
  13. Welcome Ryan. My car had a few rust spots along the passenger side in the turret. At the top of the A pillar I could cut it out and replace a section. Probably not as bad as yours though. Also the end of the gutters on both sides had some rust that I managed to cut out and replace sections. Rust was very localised. I borrowed an inspection camera and had a good poke around with in to make sure I had not missed any other spots. I also re soldered the body joints. Jeff
  14. And that’s a fairly rust free car! Just imagine what’s hiding in other cars that are driving around. This is a great advertorial for CAF. Thanks for sharing Locky. Looking forward to the next instalment. Jeff
  15. From little things big things grow . Nice work Locky or was it Gav? Jeff
  16. CBR Jeff

    Castrol 25W-50

    Castrol 25W-50 5L as recommended by LCR for use in Les’s engine's is on special at Repco this week for $43.99. Not a bad price. Jeff
  17. Better get a Cow..........
  18. Well Hayden I’m glad you have purchased a car. Hope you take the opportunity to learn from this community, contributing constructively seeking advice when required and passing on your experience in a friendly modest and thoughtful way. Enjoy the journey. Jeff
  19. Interesting car. Lot of rust, big job ahead of someone.Its a shame that people let cars get to that stage, sad!! Jeff
  20. It was a great job for a very wet Sunday in the shed with the heater on and the footy on the radio. I used a 5/8 barb to 1/2 bsp elbow. Drilled out two washers to size then placed one on either side so as to spread the load on the filter cover. I cut the nut section off of a 1/2 female to 5/8 bsp nipple and used it to secure the lot together. After it was all together I drilled a 1mm hole through the bsp section of the elbow and installed a split pin through it to stop the nut coming off. I also used a fuel comparable sealer to help hold it all together. It shouldn’t go anywhere. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo. Jeff
  21. Thanks. Yes it’s the air temp sensor for the ECU. Jeff
  22. Air cleaners finally arrived via EFI hardware. fitted them up this afternoon. I’ll drop past and see the rego man tomorrow and see when he has time to do the checks. This will be much cleaner that oil filters. Jeff
  23. NZ owner. might be an interesting build to follow. Wonder if the young fella is a member of this community? Jeff
  24. Build a proper garage with a hoist and a change table..................... Jeff
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