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  1. Brother if the date is right Alex and I will be there to whatever is needed Loui
  2. That is me call me if you need any info Loui
  3. Hey big S it's been a long time hopefully I can sell this motor and start working on the zed
  4. i have a rear PAINTED bar you can have for FLEE
  5. Engine and Gearbox both are bolt in items. Using Castlemaine engine and gearbox mounts and wiring loom. Tailshaft will need to be modified. (shortened) Call me if you need more info. Thanks, Loui
  6. Hi all i have a rb30et for sale , dont need it anymore as Peter Mac is building me another one RB30et Motor was built for a 260z race car. VL stock turbo, VL ecu, VL Injectors, forward facing plenium, 3" dump pipe 3" IC pipping but no intercooler, 2X45o silicon bends plus plenty on normal silicon joiners . This setup was making 175rwkw's on 10PSI. I planned on running 9 pound but if you drop in a turbo cam you would see more HP.Freshly built head, new clutch, new complete loom for datsun Z by castlemain, new engine and gear box mounts, NA gear box, Surge tank, and a shortened (20mm) balanced tail shaft for a 2+2, Price:$2500 ono see pictures below If you need any more info please call me on O419 2O6 142 or PM me your number and i will call you Thanks Loui
  7. if the other 2 dont want them i will take them Loui

    l28 turbo

    You should have bought my RB30 turboand you wouldnt have this problem !!!!!!

    RB 28 BUILD

    awesome , unreal , pete pete you are a master
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