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  1. I should have one from the first batch soon. They have a o-ring to taking care of the sealing and price is confirmed at $675 NZD + Shipping.
  2. Well I emailed Lurch to let him know that I was going to be in town the week 15-19 and I could extend my business trip for a catch up - it has been a number of years since I was in Melbourne last. And looks like it might be another few months before I will be again Boss has pulled the travel plans for Jan as it is still holiday season and the $$ for flights and accommodation are higher than normal and for this very adhoc trip that our Consulting Services wanted me at (reads can't be budgeted/or cost passed on to a customer) is now not going to happen. Sorry I will not be able to joini
  3. NZeder

    hs30 00016 2

    This is how the car looked when I purchased and what it looked like when I sold it to the current owner Peter who relocated the car from NZ to AU when he returned home
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