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  1. Cheers mate. The boys at Fullboost have done a great video. I didn't come off like to much of a knob
  2. Was a great time at PI last week. First time there ever so my lines are not perfect. Enjoy https://youtu.be/ruFDsS6Yr4g
  3. Was great to finally chat to some of the Vic guys on Friday. Sorry for taking your Z lap record(not). Would love to have bigger then a 255 tyre and a lot more track time. Think there would be a lot more in it See you at Bathurst Gordo
  4. Well I can't see myself coming. I was tickling the PI meter at 94db. So 75 is a no chance.
  5. I found 28 hot works better for my car on the AO50. Starts sliding a lot at 30.
  6. OK cool. On the opposite side to my sidepipe.
  7. Does anyone know which side of the track the Mic is on for noise pickup?
  8. I would say we will both be going through Cowra. Let me know your eta there Gordo and I will join the convoy if I can
  9. Really looking forward to this. Although im sure my car will be quicker then the minimum im happy just to get on the track for the first time and enjoy the mountain. Next time I go will be in the sprint group I just didn't want to try and learn the mountain whilst looking in the mirror See you there lads
  10. Cat wait to see this finished Chris. Car is absolutely stunning in the flesh and I'm not just saying that cause I done it, haha
  11. I'm sure others would work it out quicker than me. I'm definetly no aero person. But its sorted now so all good
  12. We went through a process of elimination with the keeping its cool issue. First thing was laying all the coolers over by removing the factory rad suport panel. pulling the top of rad forward and making new cross brace. That helped a little. Then venting through the bonnet in the factory Zed bump. again this helped a little but not enough. the end result is a much bigger hole in the bonnet. I never wanted to do that but it was required so it is what it is.
  13. The track we used is 4.9km. The large layout is 7.3km from memory. I have asked Motec if it can show the track but still waiting to her back. Nice vid put together by YV media and Racing Line
  14. well chaps i have been chasing some cooling issues with the car which forced me to miss Vic TA. It is sorted now and turned out to be the airflow through the radiator was shit. So big hole in bonnet fixed this. Any way was able to go to SA time attack at the new The Bend Motorsport park. The track is fantastic. I had a gearbox sensor fail which was causing the wrong voltages being sent to the ecu so flat shifting and gear indicators were iratic. Made for a bit of extra work on a new track. Any way vid link below
  15. Thanks lads, Yeah it definetly gets me happy and scared at the same time. HAHA Will be at Vic Time attack in April. PI for the first time so please dont expect super fast times.
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