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  1. Well done Ned.....+1 for the heathen. What gearbag?
  2. Good summary vosadrian, I think youve got it pretty right! Original restoration vs. tastefull restomod? I can see value in both and it comes down to the market and what the buyer wants. I love the classic modified JDM look and wanted to keep that, so from the outside and even the interior you wouldn't know that my car is so extensively modified until you open the bonnet. I did want to stay with the heritage of a N/A inline six but wanted a more modern and capable feel to the driving experience. I did hedge my bets both ways so everything I've done is bolt in and easily reversible and I've got the original parts, including matching numbers engine and gearbox and everything needed to revet back to standard.....if a buyer wanted to do so. What its worth doesnt really bother me and I wouldnt change a thing if I had my time over again.
  3. Lurch's back yard...he must know this?
  4. Great evening drive ending up at Skyhigh with the BMW club #wolfinsheepsclothing
  5. All the best Peter. Looking forward to more Bolwell updates!
  6. Congrats Peter! Hope you are getting out in her regularly. Hows the Bolwell going?
  7. Took the Z out to the monthly Knox Rotary show on Tuesday and picked up a nice trophy!
  8. Hi all. Does anyone in (preferably eastern suburbs) Melbourne have an engine support bar I could borrow? I need to do a sump gasket on my Commonwhore. Cheers!
  9. Was supposed to be going to Derby back in November, was so looking forward to it, but....Covid
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kia_Sportage#First_generation_(NB;_1993) rear doors, not front
  11. I got used seals from a wrecker and they were perfect
  12. This popped up on my fb feed just this morning so jumped in the Z and headed off for a look. A few cool cars:
  13. This guy /\ has an amazing build thread for this car, wish I could find it again! Also did an awesome LS swapped BMW wagon
  14. Im lucky Ive got all the Dandenongs in my 5km radius so spoilt for choices, only Silvan is out of reach.
  15. https://www.facebook.com/Cars-that-do-not-deserve-club-plates-1565807697000162/ Tradie utes, vans and trucks well over represented.
  16. About time but also too late. Its farcical the number of cars on CH plates that clearly should not be.
  17. Top work mate! Good to see someone having the balls and ability to take this on.
  18. Oh dear...... You sound like Santa Claus unwrapping presents!
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