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  1. Got a bit too physical with my stiff choke and broke the knob today. Anyone out there with one or where to find one? cheers, Mickl
  2. Mickl

    Standard 260 wheels

    I am considering getting hold of some standard 260 mags ( are they called snowflake?) as I am getting some trouble from my car club in getting the historic registration. They reackon the wheels must be no wider than the tyre placard so my wide jelly bean wheels don't comply. Has anyone got a set out there they don't want. I live in Newcastle NSW. Cheers, Mickl
  3. Thanks again everyone for helping out. Suggestions centre around the distributor not operating properly as well as the diaphragm being split so I have asked the mechanic to send the lot up to Dualfuel at Mooloolaba to get checked out thoroughly. If there are still problems after that, it might be a trip to John Collins in Newcastle for a spin on the dyno. Regards Mick
  4. Thanks everyone for the detailed input on my problem. I just contacted the mechanic and he confirmed that the vac unit diaphragm was split so it needed refurbishment to get it going and the place in Caboolture sounded very suitable. The rest of the distributor seemed OK. However, there was no "ported" vacuum on the Su carbs, only the manifold vac. and the manifold vac does not perform properly between isle and revving. I got the Su carbs long ago from a guy in Wollongong before I swapped the old mechanical points distributor over for the electronic 280zx distributor so maybe they don't complement each other? Do the original hitachi carbs have this "ported" vac off take which my su's don't have? The mechanic says I either need to find a way to get the SU carb "ported" and then the vac unit repaired, or Get a mechanical distributor and forget the vacuum, which could be expensive, or Get different carbs, which sounds expensive too. As I mentioned earlier, I am no mechanic and I am having some difficulty with the concepts and communicating exactly what the mechanic is explaining. Getting the car to start easily, smooth warm up and running properly under load is what I am hoping for. Next move??
  5. I have discovered today that SU carbies do not have any vacuum pipe on them. Not sure where the tube onto the vac unit on the dizzy comes from as the car is at the repair shop atm. A friend has advised me that the manifold can be removed and drilled for a pipe barb then connect it to the dizzy vac unit. Also, there is a thick spacer(?) almost one cm thick between the carbie and the manifold and alternatively it can be drilled for the barb instead of the manifold. The vac unit itself has been found to be split so I will also have to get a new one or get it repaired. So......can anyone confirm the above and which path would you take? Thanks, Mick
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