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  1. Originally 71b was ametal shaft drive, this is the plastic version from the bluebird 71b. Appears to have 6
  2. Hey mate, are you on our Datsun zed club of south Australia Facebook page? This would probably sell well on the local page
  3. Harada genuine part, $35 posted to you
  4. Sorry gilltech, just replied now, all sold but checking another source as they were popular
  5. I have a large quantity of new old stock, never used but fully tested 7 inch koito headlamps as originally fitted to the 240z / 260Z when they left the production line. A must have item for a well restored zed! If you don't have koito you've got the wrong lights fitted! Come in original boxes which are quite weathered $30 each + postage
  6. Here we have the pin and shifter ball bushes to tighten up your flogged out bushes on the 71b gearbox, $23 posted
  7. Here we have the braided Pcv hose from the block to the balance tube, these are new old stock and can comfirm NLA from Australian and Japanese Nissan warehouses. They are still available from the USA however many suppliers now confirming 'email to confirm braided hose' as Nissan will likely change to rubber. I honestly don't thing they'd bother doing that, when they're gone they're gone.. I also have the reducer hose and the manifold to coolant pipe fitting hose $10each.
  8. Im after a 240z /260z tailshaft front slip yoke ( 2 if possible ) to refurb a couple of tailshafts i have , 1 for a 71c conversion and 2nd just as a spare tailshaft. thanks,
  9. You could put 2 or 3 dobs of silicone on it If its stuffed nothing too lose and just put enough on to be able to pull it off later if need be
  10. This isn't correct for Australian cars. I think the close ratio box he speaks of is a later 280zx turbo usa gearbox or something like that and the ratios aren't as close as an Australian 240z (late) / 260Z close ratio box with the 2.9 first gear. The CR 240z /260z box has the dust shield to my knowledge in Australia. The gearbox in the first picture also has 3 switches in it's right side housing so pretty sure she isn't a 240z /260z box but will work as a conversion gearbox no problems.
  11. Just found 1, if you're still looking, clean and painted black, $15 posted
  12. Please view this ad: Datsun 240Z R180 Mustache Bar, https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/ballarat-central/brakes-suspension/datsun-240z-r180-mustache-bar/1207728588?utm_source=copylink&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=android_VIP_sticky Price: $100 Download the application from the Google Play Store. https://tinyurl.com/n4b7djy
  13. Hi Paul, I pretty much have all of this in stock, prices have gone up unfortunately, for everything you want with gaskets it would be $165 posted to you I only have the 'tropical thermostat in genuine Nissan which opens at 76.5 degrees c instead of standard 82c.. I do have a standard temp Tridon brand which would be $10 cheaper Thanks Craig
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