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  1. Looking at efi box diagram, the end of the box depth is 125mm, with 70mm trumpets will still have 55mm space. I emailed efi, but they are not very responsive.. is australia still on lockdown?
  2. Hi rice burner, what about the depth at the end of the box? Im running 70mm trumpets, afraid it will not work for me. thinking if i should go rfactory or efi hardware, both around the same price.
  3. Congrats Gavin! Wish you and family healthy always!
  4. This was the recent race at fuji speedway under class F category. The BRE car with L24 base(specs unknown)is on par with L28 Os-Giken 3200cc. It's amazing to see a L24 can be so powerful. The only thing I could see is BRE chassis is 240z and os-giken is later S30(from the dashboard) could it be the 60kg heavier body made the result?
  5. Is L4 bellhousing same as L6?
  6. Didnt get any pm from you..
  7. 160 u can have it shipped.
  8. How much is a normal 225mm flywheel cost?
  9. Gongz i have one. 225mm correct?
  10. thanks! I'll get the s13 shaft and cut that instead.. as long I don't need to cut the original shaft
  11. is this the original shaft? I'm quite reluctant to shorten it, can I use a s13 shaft for this setup instead?
  12. sorry cozza, don't have pic taken. I believe it's 2 piece drive shaft.
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