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  1. Am pretty sure that this is how my old L24ET was done. Been a long time since looking at it.....
  2. Recently found an RB26/30 combo so was really pumped about that..... Still need to make some time to get over to see you bloke. Are you returning the fuel from the rail to tank or to surge? May get overly hot and affect power if it is into surge is my only thought, detonation and all that stuff.
  3. I have been looking at tube crossmembers to give me adjustable pivot points, but really think this may save some cash. Not upset about that, looking for minimal bumpsteer and a roll centre adjustment would be nice. Going to have to find old Fred's book here somewhere....... figure out how to sort the rear....though I have some ideas. Thankyou gents!
  4. Nicely done Pavel, Looking forward to seeing this in the flesh. Same way I am going.....
  5. LOVE the Orange......my fave colour. Mine is red...... currently building an RB25/30NA with the GTR ITB setup on it. Car still under its cover of crap so my 9 year old and I can get a start on it. Love this man, congrats on getting it home!
  6. What rear brakes are you running please? Remember R31 I think from your build thread but this puts all the brakes in one place for reference! Many Thanks! Drew
  7. Not sure I hit the subscribe button soon enough, so doing so again to be sure....
  8. Just read this from start to finish, my 9 year old wants to start playing with the Zed under the house, I have barely looked at it for 15 years, long story that is not that interesting. Been given an RB30 block and RB25 head from different sources, with that and my boy asking constantly when are we going to work on the car, I have been ingesting the latest info on mods. Love your work here mate, very inspiring, for some reason your tag keeps reminding me of someone into audio around killerdacs. Brakes are already on the way to being sorted, when I get the car out from under it's
  9. This is very cool and am considering an FJ for mine. Any headaches/tips towards fitting, mounts etc? Thanks, Drew.
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