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  1. Hi Nat0, do you still make the front frame rails for the S30?


  2. Youll need measurements, as this i believe is not shown in book. A good side pic with some blank lines showing what you need will help someone measure up for you. Ie Someon with their car in their carport (not me unfortunately). Your after the bonnet hinge mount holes correct? Nat0
  3. Noooo! I still have this autospeed issue! One of my old-time favourites! Huge loss, including home! Hope everyone got out safely.
  4. Also on the hunt for tunnel and rear vinyls, for 240 also. Any details youd like to share? Can pm me if a better option. Cheers nat0
  5. Nah, believe they are done @ place in melb, vehglass if i recall, try them if your not already. Nat0
  6. That's the one jeff. Cheers for posting pic to confirm. Ill also look at remaking the gasket to the correct size, as the Nissan ones are >2mm out of size, causing them to crack when stretched over time. Gav, not sure on price at the moment, ill cost it up once prototype is proven. Id hope they would be no more than say 140 at a glance, but need to cost up the finishing too, along with a cheaper 'Raw/un-coated' option. Problem is the volume, for powder coating or paint will be where main cost efficiency lies, As experience tells me. Ill keep this updated, already the
  7. Hi Guys, I've been starting to put my own car back together, and found that all 4 assy's I have (or can currently find) are heat damaged, warped or otherwise slightly butchered. So I've done the look around to see what I can buy from US or overseas, and not too much has presented itself, except some repros which are not exactly well priced. Unless someone here is sitting on a NOS item they would gladly part with?? (worth a try). Im just at ends as even some of the nicest cars have wonky, distorted and curved units. I've looked at making them (the covers) by fabricating from
  8. Bought 3 to finish up a pair i had on a car, turns out they changed patterns 10>8 spoke, then i bought 2 more to finish the set as they were finishing up. I am Considering using other wheels at the moment, car still not ready to be rubber wrapped either. Nat0
  9. I have a brand new set of 5 with nuts and centre caps in boxes.
  10. I have done this to use a 2+2 in a 240z. With a 75?260z engine bay wiring harness, A long time ago and exact detail is patchy. But the problem was where it stops. I had to use 2 x 5wire relays to alternate the ground & power to trigger the stop firmly, as ot was over running, but may be because of not driving the wiper arms, as it was all bench tested then installed. But. Works normally after the mod. Alternatve of trying to turn wipers off at the right time was near impossible time.
  11. Thanks Royal, yes correct, and in your case a suitable replacement. Pm sent..
  12. Ebay Seller: burkartautomotive , from USA, the one who has the $170?ish postage not the $2k. Ordered on Monday/Tuesday and already in Aus fri. Got an ebay msg advising its cleared customs, already. Hoping it is the real deal urethane item. Didnt see a pic or link in your above post. (mobile) I was referring to this rear lip, but again either a good original or a darn good copy. Nat0
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