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  1. tbh I'm away at sea so I just uploaded what I could. in no particular order to guage interest. if they come in with an offer I'll offload it.
  2. So to clarify. 1971 car HS300561 is my car. I've put 30k into it already. after sandblasting it required a new roof, firewall, quarters and sills, floors pretty much everything. Have prepped panels to go back on. Just need to spot weld them on. I dont have many photos, sorry for the confusion. It's been repaired underneath which cost alot more time and money than I anticipated. In 2019 my farm burnt down and since then I've been funneling funds into my house and property so my mums not living in a paddock. The car owes me 30k. comes with l28 and 71b gearbox.
  3. I'm keen. who's capable of straightening in Sydney area? my rails out a bit. going full length rails and this kit when the time come
  4. Id like to get it for 2500 and the panels. Please give me (Joseph) a call on 0437 828 844 Cheers
  5. G'day gilly, The bloke with the evay ad is the same gentleman currently doing rust repairs on my z. The 1973 front radiator support is different to the 260z one which he makes. I have contacted Rob in Melbourne and will upload some photos this arvo when my mechanic gets it out. A few people have looked at it. The main issue is that now it has been removed straightening the car is much more diffucult as there is no reference point. I will upload a photo of how it sits currently. Thankyou for your input. Cheers Joseph
  6. Looking for a front radiator support to suit a 1973 240z. If you know anyone who might have one name your price Thanks in advance. Additionally contact me on: 0437828844 or email J.taylor@stelph.com
  7. Hey guys look forward to meeting you all for a drive and coffee. I was thinking church point cafe Pittwater area. I'm located in Mosman. Happy to meet anywhere northern beaches this week
  8. Gday Gav, I'm chasing a front radiator support section for a 73 240Z. My old one is sad. Haha Look forward to hearing from you, Joseph
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