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  1. I don’t reckon it’s that as the motor can only go in one way and that arm from the motor just goes around in a circle so I don’t think it could be attached to the actuator arms incorrectly, but I might be wrong.
  2. I ended up getting the wiper motor repaired on our 260Z but now it’s all back together the wipers are stopping at the top of their cycle pointing up to the top of the screen instead of resting at the bottom. I’m hopeless with wiring but suspect it might be a case of ‘switching polarity’ - while I roughly know what that means I have no idea whether that’s what is required in this case, or if it is - how to do it myself. No Auto Electricians wanted to touch the job on an old car. A bugger of a job working in that tight space so I hope I don’t have to pull the whole motor out again but will if I have to I guess - unless there’s an easier solution. Any tips appreciated! Thanks, Denis
  3. After taking the wipers off my sons 260Z I’ve been waiting to see whether an Auto Elec can repair the wiper motor. But driving the car this past week has made me realise how much better it looks inside and out without those crappy wiper blades. The various forums suggest upgrading to Honda wipers but they’ll still look similar. Has anyone on here tried to hide modified wipers? If so, what did you use?
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