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  1. original colour yes but not the original paint (on the outside atleast) there are little signs here and there that suggest so. i want to get the block out to machining and am thinking of getting the Cyls bored out to 89mm to get the 3.0L displacement but i am concerned with wall thickness. Now that ive got the block dipped and sonic tested i can ask, is this safe to bore out that big?
  2. heres some pics of getting it apart. i gave the Cyl. Head a quick wash in the Torrent wash (excellent water blaster by the way) and the block a run in the Hot wash.
  3. thanks guys! The car doesnt have too much rust. Some small bubbles above the fuel filler door and little bits here and there under the hood the driver side kick plate is a bit eaten through. but on the whole not too bad i suppose as far as the restomod goes this is going to be a long one as i intend to redo almost everything i can lay my eyes on whether it be modification or restoration parts of the car. Im starting the engine first so i can better understand the L-Series motors and hope you guys can help me along the way with the vast wisdom ive seen written here. I bought an L28 (N42 block and Cyl. Head) a couple months ago without ancillaries and started stripping to inspect so i can plan our what i should do with it. my mission is to get as much power out of the block as i can while keeping it "safe" and drive-able. im looking at a generous budget around the $10k margin.
  4. So it turns out the original photos were physically too big to fit in the text box so i had to resize them down to 2000 pixels in width and maintaining aspect ratio to get them to fit. but here she is!
  5. Still having troubles posting pictures keep getting ''Upload Skipped (Error500)
  6. Hey all, this is my second time posting in the forums after looking for an L28 block a while ago but the story is this!: For a long while ive always liked 80's, 90's and early 00's performance cars (japanese in particular) and started to get curious about going back a little further to the late 60's and 70's. Surely enough i started looking at Datsuns and the 70's Z series kept popping up. This then lead to reading peoples Z project builds and i was hooked. I thought i need to get one of these cars. i have to, and so i did! I have a 77' 260z 2 seater that as nice as i think it is now, i wish to treat with some love by means of a restomod project.
  7. Thanks for the help guys! i might check out PZG302's L28 and possibly dat2kman's high comp cyl. head as they're in Bris. freight is a killer for me.
  8. hey guys, ive been looking around a long while for a L28 long block but im not having too much luck. if anyone has one theyre willing to sell, feel free to message me. thank you, L_Whiskey
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