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Found 8 results

  1. Hello lads, I'm currently restoring a 1973 Datsun 260c with a tired old L26. Im looking for a new engine to drop straight in. 28 preferred but if you've got a clean l26 that would work too!
  2. Hey guys, up for sale is a rebuilt L26 engine and transmission. Decided to go with a RB swap as it has been a headache to try and get the clutch assembly to work. Engine comes with New Flat top Pistons Honed block New seals and gaskets all round New main bearings New valve stem seals Head shave (N42) Twin round top Su's and manni Extractors NGK spark plugs Brand new coil and leads New dizzy Xtream light weight clutch (2+2) Excedy heavy duty clutch (2+2) Previous owner said the gearbox had been "overhauled" not sure what that entails but works fine. Comes with a 280z clutch fork from America. The clutch wasn't dissengaging so we thought that the extra height of the fork would help. Comes with radiator Master cylinder and slave cylinder What ever other components that go with the engine. Had the engine in the car and running but only for a few short minutes as it was dumping at the headers and we didn't want our neighbours to hate us. Ran really well in that short amount of time but. It's currently still in the car and it will only be coming out when it is sold. Previous owner built the engine so I don't have any proof of work done other than what is in the photos sorry. Not entirely sure what it is worth so hit me up with an offer. Going off what I have spent on it I'd like to get around $2,000 for it all
  3. Ahoysandy

    Rebuild Time!

    Hey guys, I thought i'd post in here before i commit to any major work on my block. To those who have had their L series engines rebuilt, either to factory specifications or upgraded, what final costs did you come to with the engine pieced back together complete? I have a seized L26, complete, that i wish to have rebuilt. No goodies, no fruit, no upgrades. Just factory parts. Stewart Wilkins motorsport gave me a real quick rough quote of $5-6k and i just wanted to confirm the pricing of what a complete rebuild should cost. I am expecting it to be a little higher due to the engine being seized. any other suggestions for this process? places i could take it, thoughts on doing it in my own garage? i haven't done a rebuild before at all but did swap the engine once before? Cheers, Alex.
  4. Hellpp!! My engine seized on me today whilst running. Found out it chewed through all my oil and started a light knock knock, topped her back up and she was good till it locked up halfway down the motorway this afternoon... What do I do? I've tried manually turning it over as well as rolling and dumping the clutch and can confirm, seized. Who do I take it to? Does anyone know of a Datsun engine specialist in Sydney? L26 1976 260z 2seater manual.
  5. Hi guys, I want to source an L series engine to drop in to my 76' 260z. L24, L26, L28 I'm not fussy, just needs to be able to turn over. Doesn't need to have carbs or headers, gearbox or clutch as I will be using existing components. Closer to Sydney the better but am willing to travel, even interstate. Thanks, sandy.
  6. Hi Guys, Looking for a bit of advice / help with my l26 My car was running quite well for a period of time, and after a drive up to the shops the following problem ensued. Car struggles to start when previously it didn't. Once started, it is able to rev freely and drives up until it reaches operating temperature. Once there it seems to hit a flat spot and won't rev past 2,000 rpm Done the following, * Replaced the points * Distributor cap and rotor * New spark plugs (one was fouled) * New fuel filter * Tank has been flushed It has been to 3 different shops (not sw motorsport yet) and still no luck. The last shop said there was a bit of dirt/rubbish in one of the carbies and charged $300 for a clean. Has anyone had this problem before (i'm not too mechanically savy). Cheers
  7. Hi Chaps, So after 6 months of every weekend spent at the shop, Z is ready for registration. However I found out that I am loosing coolant so we checked the sump and it has traces of coolant. Sad day. Most likely culprit will be cracked head, the plan is to send it to the shop and see if it can be salvaged. But I though while we will have the engine open we may as well get some modifications done. What I am asking is for suggestions or recommendations for any other work we should get done during this time as it will be hard to find an opportunity. 9 months ago I knew nothing about the mechanics or welding etc. But I have learned a lot and I get a lot of help from my step brother who is a qualified mechanic so please dumb it down for me so that I could understand what I should get done. Work will be done by us, budget of max $2000 on the engine work. Car is just a tourer for weekends and some communising into work during sunny days. Please help.
  8. Hey all, this is my second time posting in the forums after looking for an L28 block a while ago but the story is this!: For a long while ive always liked 80's, 90's and early 00's performance cars (japanese in particular) and started to get curious about going back a little further to the late 60's and 70's. Surely enough i started looking at Datsuns and the 70's Z series kept popping up. This then lead to reading peoples Z project builds and i was hooked. I thought i need to get one of these cars. i have to, and so i did! I have a 77' 260z 2 seater that as nice as i think it is now, i wish to treat with some love by means of a restomod project.
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