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  1. ISPM-15 is the international standard for heat treating / sterilising wooden pallets. All whole-wood pallets should have the ISPM-15 stamp visible. I had read, before organising my shipments, that non-compliant pallets are not allowed to be exported from the USA. So I am surprised that the wood got through, however I have never tested the 'theory'. Other forms of processed wood (ply/fibreboard/wood composites) are acceptable in an untreated state. If lucky and you have no other options, you may find IPSM-15 stamped pallets on eBay local to the seller. Otherwise some importers will help you sou
  2. Funnily the last engine I received through customs, a couple of weeks ago, got pinged and had to be cleaned. First time for me. Came through Brisbane. I wonder if they are scrutinising car parts more now (Asbestos hysteria) or if its just bad luck / chance? Previous shipments sailed through with all kinds of quarantine nightmares. One batch of suspension parts had all sorts of mud nests on them and were covered in dirt. When I asked about the engine they said there might be grass seeds in the grease stuck to the sump etc. On the plus side, the engine was very clean when I picked it up!!
  3. Not dismantling. My engine (U20) came in a container with vehicles as habe all the parts i have imported. It all got inspected as you would expect and this time my engine got cleaned as it had heavy grease staining and some dirt on it. It's going to be customs officer specific though, as you'd expect, and all the suspension bits i got in a previous shipment were heavily soiled with dirt but got through on other shipments. In the brief discussion we had, the guy said the customs inspectors that inspect the cars seem to be interested in brake pads etc and maybe gaskets but they have not had any
  4. I was talking to a vehicle importer today out at the Port of Brisbane while picking up a pallet and he was saying zero problems so far including with American cars. But time will tell.
  5. I brought 3 pallets of Datsun 2000 parts this year. PM if you have any questions. Was a good experience and only taxes were GST.
  6. He may not have received it.... I've always had a reply within 48 hours.
  7. Baby seals are best They are more compliant than adult ones....whose bones are much stronger.
  8. Here is his blog. Great read. Didn't he initially say he was hoping it'd cost around 4-5k US? http://www.datsunworks.com/Blog/
  9. Whats it worth Jason? FB me.
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