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  1. Saw this at a model show. I think the real thing could be a interesting ride.
  2. So a man cave is what you can make of it. Personally it is a retreat from every day living for me. Some where you can go where the better half will not tread foot and adult children come to the conclusion that they will never find that they are looking for with out help.There for they do not enter.My man cave come shed looks like a bomb hit and I like it that way. The railway is n scale and as you can see a work in progress. I been told the model ships have to fine a home in the man cave and moved out of the craft room. That may take some creative thinking to find a space for them . The
  3. I am with gilltech on this. if you can eat your dinner off the floor then you are not using it in the right manner. Everything in its pile and a pile for everything. You have to be able to put your hands on anything at a moments notice. It is also not just for cars . It has to have all kinds of machinery and it doesn't matter if you don't know how to use it. It can not have a square inch of vacant wall space . Something must be stuck to it or hanging from it. If you run out of space then add a other section to your man cave . You know you will . That will inspire you to
  4. Found this at total tools . It seems to be of fair quality . I had need of a M3 x0.5 tap and die for Aluminum and on their own the cost was to high. So this kit is Chinese and it may not be as good as P&N , Sutton or Osborne. They are also only straight fluted taps . But the kit does have a starting .intermediate and bottoming tap. I think they will be fine for mild steel . brass and aluminum. You take your chances with the likes of Bisalloy , 4140 ,4340 and stainless. About a $105
  5. Bonkers

    Dead Engine.

    May want to keep the box of matches in your pocket . They would be all over us if you start lighting fires right now. Not looking good for the eastern sea board as far as fires for next few days at least. I see what I can do for it, mate.
  6. Bonkers

    Dead Engine.

    Probably just something small Peter . Lose wire , low fuel pressure or to high or it just doesn't like being parked next to the 370.
  7. Richard you would know it as the store that supported the LAPZ's events in 2010&11. Still under the same Management . Yes it is a good store especially for paint matching. But a dollar or two more than supercheap stores. Thanks have to go to Paul for organizing the day . Both Dave.s were also roped in to help as well. I would like to thank the judges on the day , but they would not or could not be bribed. so points wise I did not do well. They will be doing the 50th Anniversary event, so good luck with that.
  8. We were down a few cars today . It may of been caused by the ever present bush fire threat for those of us that live south of Brisbane in the Gold Coast hinterland .Some also didn't make it back from Targa Barrier Reef. Peter also parked up his 370Z next to a new Nismo 370Z . I must admit I could not see the extra 40k+ for the new car . Even with its 8K seats and 9K wheels. Still it s a nice car the latest offering from Nissan and ever easy on the eye..
  9. Adam you sound as if you are happy with the configuration of your power plant . But would like a little more drive ability from it. So if you have a L28 sitting around and don't wish to spend big dollars. I would look at this . The 42 and 54 blocks both have there pro's and con's pending on who you speak to. If the bore is standard put in 240Z pistons. If the bore is worn and you will need over size pistons . You can take a number of paths here. 1mm over size is common but pistons are becoming hard to find. A lot of us put in Z24 or KA24 pistons. A few install the LD28 cr
  10. In a word Adam :YES Yes it is worth it. I have been lucky enough to have belonged to a Zed Club for 35 years and have seen, not all of it but most of it. In my experience the Lseries engine stacks up well against all comers . It may not have it over all transplants but they have to work hard to put a L series down. The Barra transplants are hard to come to terms with as they are a cheap motor and look at home in a s30 engine bay. But I am old sckool. A S30 without an L-series engine is just an other modified car.
  11. It is looking as if we will have around 15 Zeds covering the whole range . Have a look at last years event in event history. Some but not all cars will be returning.
  12. This coming Saturday 7Th September2019 will see the NAPA store in Moss St, Slacks Creek, Brisbane have one of their pop up car shows and this time around it will be the Nissan - Datuns Zed series cars. The Zed Car Club of Queensland will do their best to field a full complement of all models in the series and with a few motorsport Zeds as well . This means a few AUSZCAR people will also be on hand during the day. So come and have a look. We will be there from 7.00am to around 1.00pm. This year will focus on the 50th Anniversary of the 240Z.
  13. There are plans that are work in progress that the Z Car Club of Queensland are undertaking with help from other Nissan - Datsun clubs from around Australia. This is for an event at Bathurst near the end of the year. Word has it and I may be wrong about this, but it will be about a week long. Good if you can attend . There are also other events that may develop , but no firm details at present for Queensland at least that I know of . But perhaps this forum could come up with a plan of action to celebrate this land mark event?
  14. Peter, Mine is a rs sport 260 and you have seen it many times. It is AUSTRALIAN delivered and SPORT stamped on the plate. Nothing really special about mine .
  15. Being from Brisbane. I would head over to Accurate Suspension at Woodridge - Underwood and talk to Ken. He has looked after a lot of the ZCCQ boys for more than 25 years now . He has seen it all when it comes to Zeds.
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