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  1. As for cleaning the old oil and dust mix out, turps is your friend.
  2. Not putting the oil on too thick is important, I've found warming up the bottle of oil in a pot of hot water helps to thin it down, which makes it a little easier to pour a thin line around each sock before working it well into the foam. Oiling these things is definitely a case of less is more, but avoid using none, especially if you're taking the car anywhere dusty. It's the oil that traps the dust in the sock.
  3. This is posted on SAU but hasn't had any nibbles, so thought I would try my luck here. Hi folks, Obscure request here, I'm trying to get hold of a C210/211 fuel filter bracket to suit the injection filter (see attached pic with the yellow highlight). The bracket is similar to that on the S130. While the pic shows a different model, the bracket was on the RH front tower and suits filter with part number 16400-Q0800. If you can assist please give me a yell. Thanks, Jeff
  4. Hope so, I'm a commuter cyclist, literally rain, hail (ouch!) and shine . Warby trail is lovely, haven't done that for many years. Last time was in summer so no coffee, but did stop at the Launching Place pub for a beer on the way back.
  5. This is the article from the October/November 1970 issue of 'Datsun News'. Jeff Datsun 240Z launch.pdf
  6. Does anyone know when the 240Z was first offered for sale in Australia? I looked through the 1969 'Datsun News' but there was no mention of it… just found it, launched in early October 1970, priced at $4, 567 including tax. Bargain! Will scan and post the feature a bit later. Jeff
  7. So, the S30 is 50 years old this year, right? Has anyone plans to write something about this significant birthday, found a good article in a magazine (or are mags too 'old skool' nowadays?) or participated in any good celebrations? Something about the introduction of the Zed to Australia would be good, I'll see what I can dig up in some old "Datsun News" newsletters (ex-NMCA), we shouldn't just let this anniversary slip by unrecognised. Jeff
  8. Prior to clicking on that link I'd never had a reason to visit South Africa, now however… He's doing what many of us would do given the money and space.
  9. Yes, I have three Japanese magazines (mooks?) that cover the works Violets. Great for looking at the photos but not so good for non-Japanese readers…
  10. It would be a long, time-consuming job, but I'm sure Datsun fans (not just Zed fans) around the world would be enthusiastic readers We are starved for books like this currently.
  11. Hi Alan, Could the "Kanri Bango' number be a Dymo label stuck on the firewall? Jeff
  12. This is a truly noble (and challenging) cause, there's plenty of misinformation out there. It's what you might call, 'sorting the wheat from the chaff'. It needs to be done though, there's plenty of researched information available on European works cars, it wouldn't take much to fill a bookshelf with titles on Ford Escorts or Lancia Stratos for example. To my mind, Japanese cars (apart from GT-Rs) are under represented in the English speaking world. Jeff
  13. I've been reading this thread and enjoying it very much, but thought I would 'chip-in' with my two-bob's worth. Have to say first-up, the info I'm providing here relates to the later PA10 works cars (160J / Stanza etc) and I fully appreciate Alan's info only relates to the "HS30, HLS30, RS30 and RLS30 240Z & 260z rally cars". For many years now I have studied the works PA10s (and learnt an awful lot from Derek who posted earlier) and collected all the info I can, including a clear example of Nissan in Japan re-using a 'Carnet' export plate. The first pic is the RHD Group 2 SOHC PA10 (Stanza) provided for Ross Dunkerton / Adrian Mortimer in the 1978 Southern Cross Rally. The Japanese plate on this car is TKS57 TE 8013. Second pic is taken from the Nissan / Datsun Race and Rally Digest No. 4, showing Timo Salonen / Seppo Harjanne celebrating second place outright at the 1980 Acropolis Rally, which they claimed in their LHD Group 2 SOHC Datsun 160J, with Japanese plate TKS57 TE 8013. The Dunkerton 1978 Southern Cross car stayed in Australia, forming the basis for his 1979 Australian Rally Championship contender until it was rolled in the 1979 Bega Valley Rally. This was likely within its 12-months carnet period, but beyond that event, its fate is unknown. I doubt Nissan in Japan would have repaired the crunched Dunkerton car then converted it to left hand drive so that it would be re-united with its original plate and shipped off to Greece. As stated clearly above, this is well beyond the Zed period but I did want to show some evidence that plate-swapping by the Japanese works team did take place. Jeff
  14. OK, got my two fuel pumps, fitted new OEM filters, added suitable brass elbows etc but now find I don't have enough original hose clamps (don't want to use Tridon type). Does anyone have a 260Z service manual or parts list that shows the hose clamp on the 5/16" hose fittings on the electric pump? Hoping to try my luck with Nissan to see if they're still available. Thanks, Jeff
  15. Nice patina :-) l have tracked one down out of a 280C, just waiting to hear back on postage cost. Thanks for your message, if this other one doesn’t work out l will be in touch. Jeff
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