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  1. Oh, you had that pic under Bruce's 240Z repair hence the shirts and stickers comments... again, very 50's 60's looking. Me likee
  2. As above, if anyone has any old (pref mid 80's cars - Wild One / Monster Beetle in particular) Tamiya or Kyosho radio control cars they want to sell, please let me know. Doesn't matter what state it's in unless its a pile of molten plastic, I will be interested. Thanks..
  3. Zedman240®

    No caption

    I'd still pick the zed in that condition over the Holden in the background!
  4. Zedman240®

    Jamie the horse

    a "woody" zed with 1 horspower...
  5. Zedman240®

    No caption

    Clean station wagon! Yeah Gav, same here! I got a crash course in bog removal
  6. Zedman240®

    No caption

    Is that Mark Spiekman's little 1000 coupe?
  7. Zedman240®

    my little helper

    heheh Your helper looks a little .....deceased or you have worked him to death!
  8. Zedman240®

    No caption

    Without the air filter on, how many sparrows can that suck down per sec?
  9. Zedman240®

    No caption

    Who had to ride in the divvy van?
  10. Zedman240®

    No caption

    Great pic there....
  11. Would love to rally a zed other than mine! :-P
  12. did this car have an autometer tacho in it?
  13. Zedman240®

    No caption

    another z for your collection?
  14. Zedman240®

    Primadonna Z

    Now that wing IS going to work! Nice zed!
  15. Zedman240®

    No caption

    My old 260Z! Now in Perth with a RB26DETT i think!
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