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  1. Zedman240®

    No caption

    I'd still pick the zed in that condition over the Holden in the background!
  2. Zedman240®

    Jamie the horse

    a "woody" zed with 1 horspower...
  3. Zedman240®

    No caption

    Clean station wagon! Yeah Gav, same here! I got a crash course in bog removal
  4. Zedman240®

    No caption

    Is that Mark Spiekman's little 1000 coupe?
  5. Zedman240®

    my little helper

    heheh Your helper looks a little .....deceased or you have worked him to death!
  6. Zedman240®

    No caption

    Without the air filter on, how many sparrows can that suck down per sec?
  7. Zedman240®

    No caption

    Who had to ride in the divvy van?
  8. Zedman240®

    No caption

    Great pic there....
  9. Would love to rally a zed other than mine! :-P
  10. did this car have an autometer tacho in it?
  11. Zedman240®

    No caption

    another z for your collection?
  12. Zedman240®

    Primadonna Z

    Now that wing IS going to work! Nice zed!
  13. Zedman240®

    No caption

    My old 260Z! Now in Perth with a RB26DETT i think!
  14. Zedman240®


    Chunky to say the least!! very nice!!
  15. Love the car, but didnt like the V6 version...one Z31 I would own! Also, could you please take a pic of the sump under the crossmember? need to see the ground clearance..Thx!
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