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  1. Since I'm on a roll selling zeds, a friend has asked me to advertise his car on his behalf. Its a US import 240Z (have to confirm year...think its a 72) that has been converted to RHD by Rob at the Z Factory. It had a ground up resto around 10 years ago and at the same time got its conversion done. Originality was paramount so all correct parts even down to the correct fasteners were sourced and used. It has factory AC, 4 speed auto, rebuilt bored L24 (approx 2600cc's) and standard mechanicals. Drives extremely well with nothing else to be done. Only issue is small 10c sized spot on the door bubbling up. Will get more info as soon as possible. Asking around $35-40k. Contact me on 0413 243760 so I can pass on his details. Thanks everyone....
  2. Hi all, as you probably figured out, I'm not on the forums as much as I used to, and yes, zed has long gone. It resides now in Brisbane to someone who will be giving it some good attention. The sellers remorse hasn't hit as hard as I thought it would but who knows what happens later on. The bike has drawn away alot of those feelings I think! I'll still hang around but not as often as I used to.
  3. I know...craziest thing is it has been sold pending payment of deposit. It hasn't sunk in yet but it depresses me seeing it sit there in the garage needing some tlc. I know once its gone, I won't be able to find another one.
  4. All is ok thanks Simon....believe me, I've been thinking over this for a while now. In a perfect world there would be no way I'd be doing this but here we are. Just don't have the time to enjoy it and I'd rather it go to someone who will. Just dreading going in to the garage later and seeing that empty spot.
  5. Its something I never thought I'd be doing this but for personal reasons reluctanly my zed is for sale. Just an EOI at the moment, but up for grabs is my 240Z that I have owned for the last 12+ years. Its chassis number 121, with its original matching L24 that Les Collins built, has many options like: EFI Hardware 45mm ITB's, Wolf V500 ECU with 280ZX Turbo distributorless ignition and coil pack R200 3.9 LSD, Coilovers with Koni Yellows, Big brakes consisting of R33 4 pot calipers with Mitsu 3000GT 2 piece disks Adjustable front lower arms Simmons 17x8 wheels with near new Nankang Semi's Gearbox rebuilt by Stan Holmes R31 Disk brake rears Half cage Fujitsubo type headers and many other little things. Rust wise don't think there is any as nothing has surfaced since its rotisserie rebuild many years ago done by Rob at the Z Factory. But we all now they do have surface rust inbetween panels! Body wise its straight but has a few issues' small dent on right rear quarter from a trolley jack handle and others on the guards from my wonderful kids opening the wifes car door and touching my zed. There are a few other small details that have to be sorted which I just don't have the time for. Hoping it goes to someone who can give it the love it needs. If anyone wants to contact me for more details, my number is O413 24376O Dimitri PS pics will follow very soon...for now you could look at my pic but just without the G-nose!
  6. Awesome looking Zed, would love to see it in person one day! Great attention to details.
  7. Not many sellers of a zed can make this happen. Lesson learned, dont sell!
  8. Zedman240®


    Don't visit the site for a while and look at what I have missed! Will you be making a video of it when its dyno time?
  9. From memory it plugs into the wiper / headlight switch assembly. There should be another bullet type plug on the other side.
  10. What happened to the nose cones? Looks like the rust ate right through the chassis and might still be at the bottom of the lake.
  11. Finding a place that actually listens to what you want is next to impossible. I have yet to find one; knew of one many years ago but have since closed shop.
  12. Greetings.. Going back to a non fluted bonnet so if anyone is after a pretty good straight rust free bonnet (with vents but missing internal rain guard thingy)I have one for sale. Only issue from memory there is some small ammount of surface rust under the front lip. Don't think paint was thick there hence the surface rust. Asking about $350. Can post pics if needed. Is red in color as in the avatar pic.
  13. I found one door strap but I'm sure I have more. I'll keep digging. My garage is a real mess...
  14. Gareth, I have a Kameari gasket with "IN 39" on the label along with the price in Yen on it if you want...Don't think I'll be using it anytime soon.
  15. Hi all, After a pair of lower front arms for a Z. I'm sure either 260 or 240 as they are the same. Replacing my adjustable lower arms for standard units. If anyone wants to add some camber, can swap with some extra cash my way as these to buy were around $400 (Datrally units) or if you have a spare set. -3.5' of camber tends to chew out tyres on the road! before it happens... PM or call/sms O413 24376O
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