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  1. Hi Gav, Please put me down for the last insert if its still available. Thanks, Shaun
  2. Early morning run through Galston George and onto the old Pacific Highway for a mid-morning breakfast in Brooklyn.
  3. Thanks John for organising the long awaited drive day, it was great to see some zeds out!! Mike, I will get the footage together and upload a small video when I get a chance this week (apologies in advance for the amateur footage - it was the first time I have used the go pro). Here are a few more photos from the initial meet at Loftus.
  4. Hi Craig, Apologies not going to be able to make this one. Would love to hear about any other upcoming drives so please keep us all in the loop! Shaun
  5. Hi Craig, Please put me down for this one. Thanks, Shaun
  6. Slightly better than the 200mm we copped last weekend
  7. Hi mate, Looks the goods, put me down for one. Thanks, Shaun
  8. If it's just wet I am happy to come along however if its pouring as forecasted I will not be attending, just a little too risky especially around the RNP roads.. Happy for PB to make the call on Sat arvo. I am also free in 2 weeks time. Shaun.
  9. Very nice looking car. Great to see another Z registered and on the roads of Sydney. Hope to see you along at the upcoming RNP run!
  10. Thanks for the info guys much appreciated! Will keep a keen eye out for a 3.9 / 4.11
  11. Hey guys, Just hoping to get some advice on our options for the R180 diffs. I have done a quick search without any luck so hoping you can assist. We have recently completed the auto to manual conversion on the 240z which is now running a 260z 5 speed box however still running the original auto R180 3.55:1 diff gearing which we want to replace to help with acceleration. I have read the 4.11 would be best suited for our car, is this correct? The motor is fairly stock and is only street driven therefore I don't think there is any need to replace with an R200 at this stage, so should we look to source replacement gears such as 4.11, and are these readily available,or are we better off just replacing the entire diff? Thanks, Shaun
  12. + 1 for a run through the Royal National Park down to Scarborough Hotel. Would be ideal to do this early morning as the traffic can get pretty heavy on weekends.
  13. Thanks for organising Pete, was great to meet a bunch of the Sydney members and bring the car out for it's first Z event. Looking forward to the next one!
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