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  1. https://kollectorcars.com/cars/1974-datsun-260z/
  2. Thanks all. Success at Clark Rubber. Their Datsun size is no. 22. As above though, I’ve grabbed the size up too.
  3. Ahh, I should have been clearer - I'm after original parts - or, from your experience, does the bailey stuff work just as well?
  4. Hi all ... I'm looking for a window felt & channel, but not sure where I can buy from. Specifically, for a 74 260 / passenger door / rear felt + rear channel. Anyone got any clues?? Thanks!
  5. Nice spot! I'll have to take a *meeting there one day. Cheers. *drive
  6. ^^ Seriously bugging me ... does anyone know where the car is parked on that last shot?? I'm drawing lines on a map, but can't place the exact location.
  7. I got mine from the Z store (about US$240 + shipping), which I combined with a bunch of other stuff. It's the console with the lid (so, not 100% correct for a '74 2-seater) - but fits like a glove. I actually prefer the lid too, for storing stuff etc. Ashtrays are easy too. I picked one up via eBay. If you get stuck, I might have a spare that I can part with.
  8. Just spotted this - the new exhaust from underneath ... https://www.instagram.com/p/BUAnxyOjlGl/
  9. I'm guessing we're the same month. The build plate on mine is 1/74. Ditto for you? The wheels are American Racing. I'm still trying to find the model name though. Size = 14 inch 195/70.
  10. Quick update - I got the car back today and am beyond happy with the new exhaust setup. It sounds just how I wanted it to too - not too angry, not too snarly ... "quietly confident". The new extractors have definitely improved the performance too. The guy from the muffler shop was all over the Z with glee - and turned out to be a Datsun guy too (he did the London - Sydney marathon in a 1600).
  11. Hey Mike - yep, me too. It's RS30 000543
  12. Thanks! I'd be very interested if you can find a 'snug fitting' headlight cover. I tried 2 different sets but part of my problem with them was gaps around the rubber edges (not seating properly) + they cracked very, very easily (both sets were plastic - which I'm guessing yours were too). If I could find a snug & sturdy set I'd definitely give them another go. On the wheels, I'll claim zero credit (they were there on purchase). I wasn't mad on them to start, but they've really grown on me now and I can't imagine it with anything else. The previous owner even chucked in a spare.
  13. The muffler is made by these guys - http://www.hitechmufflers.com.au/ - it's their own brand. I can dig into that a little more if you like. I'm hoping to have the Z back this week and can get further details then. Just let me know. The air-con is an odd little thing, bolted on under the glove box - but, it does have a retro charm to it too.
  14. I picked this up a little over a year ago and figured it was time to jot a few details down. I'm perhaps arriving here on a different journey from most others on the forum, as I'm equipped with zero skills on the mechanical side, and zero space to do anything. My mission with the Z was simple: I wanted a car that would make me smile, for a few drives each week. After 3-4 months hunting (which seems quick these days, and that was only a year ago) I spotted this online and flew to Melbourne the next day. I did pester PB with a bunch of questions too - and, as I've seen with many other new-ish members, he went above and beyond with help and input. Anyway, this one ticked a lot of boxes: Silver, original/no mods (inc original radio), 2 seat, black interior. After a mad, mad, MAD test drive with the previous owner I was sold ... and smiling. She (he?) was plonked on a truck and arrived in the middle of the night a week or two later. Since then I've outsourced a bunch of work (as per above - I don't have the skills or space ... or time!) and figured I should start logging that here. Work to date: Electrics (rewired & replaced headlights, fixed pressure sender, temp sender & indicators) Replaced armrests Replaced dash - http://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/14864-new-nos-genuine-260z-dash/ Replaced seat foams, shift boot, hand brake boot and centre console (all from the Z store) - console is the US style with lid (I couldn't find a "non-lid" version) New seat covers (black leather / black stitching) 2 ½” stainless exhaust, with new extractors (it's actually having this done right now) A/C regas / repair heater & control cables Replaced fuel sender New radiator A few pics attached (the headlight covers have been removed, as they just didn't float my boat). I'm casually hunting for a decent bonnet, if anybody knows of one. My current bonnet is looking particularly nasty on the leading edge - and whoever put the badge on had the fidgets that day. But that seems to be the only nasty stuff found so far. If I can't find a bonnet I'll probably take him (her?) off-road over winter and get the full respray done. The Z gets out as often as I can, which is nowhere near as often as I'd like. But - I still smile every time. The interior is pretty much done - though, if I'm going to be picky, the back carpets could do with a tidy-up. There's an engine rebuild on the horizon, but the aim on this one is to keep things as original as is I can. If there was a sliding scale from boy-racer to showroom-original, I'm definitely leaning to the original side of things, but happy to throw in the odd nod to modernity here & there. Anyway, there it is. Occasional posts to follow - and I'll definitely get along to a Sydney get together at some stage. Cheers, AJ
  15. And on it goes ... http://www.smh.com.au/good-weekend/dream-drive-in-an-austinhealey-20170418-gvn8ck.html
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