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  1. Really enjoyable uneventful run, the R & R dynamic duo managed to get lost again despite excellent route maps and instructions and Terry was last to get his meal, again! We did miss you. I'll endeavour to give earlier notice next time so members from this forum can plan for it.
  2. Big Daddy’s Burger Bar, Casula to Towradgi Beach Hotel . Hi Zedders, really sorry for the late notice. We'd like to invite AusZcar members to our run on this Sunday. Meet at Big Daddy's Burger Bar in Casula at 8.45 for a 9.30 departure touring via Appin, Cataract Dam then onto the Towradgi Beach Hotel. If anyone wants further details, please PM me or oh four oh three one one two nine six six. Regards Craig Z Car Club Sydney
  3. 2 min google search found this, http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/10-2081
  4. I got hold of some 6mm aluminium plate from the local hardware store and using the gasket as a template made up a blanking plate when I installed the Carter Rotary pump (about 20 yrs ago). I think I have since seen them on ebay and such places. From memory the aluminium plate was about 300 x 200mm in size and can be used for fabricating other bits and pieces. Hope that helps. Regards Craig
  5. I will over the weekend Gav, they actually look more like your previous ones in that where the ram tubes mount, the small hole there at the 12 o'clock position has parallel sides and rounded at the top and bottom whereas your second set, last photo, the hole is round. Mine do have part numbers on them which I can send you, I have a suspicion they came off a Celica. Regards Craig
  6. Hi Gav, Sorry to disappoint, I remembered I had a spare pair and just had a rummage in the shed, they are only 40's. let me know if they are of any use. Regards Craig
  7. I can suggest 2 out west that I have done recently. Taralga hotel, Taralga, meet at the Hydro Majestic Hotel in Medlow Bath then travel 2 hours to Taralga via excellent driving roads, for Sydney siders it is about a 35 min drive from Taralga to Goulburn/Hume hwy to return to Sydney. 2nd option, Tarana Hotel, Tarana 45 mins from Hydro at Medlow Bath, alternate route which is a great drive is to go via Jenolan Caves rd to Oberon then up to Tarana and return via Great Western Hwy or Bells line of road. Another addition to the Tarana route is a stop in Lithgow at the Small Arms Factory for a tour then on to lunch at the Tarana Hotel. Happy to provide further route details and maps or information if needed. Regards Craig
  8. Really enjoyable drive even if it meant leaving home at the crack of dawn and breakfast at 5.30! Very nice group of cars and drivers, one benefit of being in the lead was watching the 240/260 tail flowing through the bends of the Royal National Park even at the speed limit and under. The venue of the Scarborough Hotel was excellent with a passing parade of other classics on a Sunday drive and a plethora of open exhaust bikes (maybe I'm showing my age there!) excellent lunch with Mike and Ian, thoroughly enjoyed everyone's company. I'll definitely be doing more of these and might even be able to bring a 260 for a run, shoulder permitting. I will keep everyone informed of future Z car club Sydney runs. Thanks John for organising and the great photography contributed by all. Regards Craig
  9. Thanks Scott, credit should go to Ray for organising it, I just posted it here. It was a great day with a really good turnout, Trainworks at Thirlmere was very interesting, I was honestly surprised, I thought it was going to be full of cardigan and sandals wearing Camry drivers, how wrong I was! There is some great history with some early Aussie heavy engineering, you could easily spend half a day there to cover the displays, I highly recommend it. Thanks ScottyD (beautiful Z by the way) and Cozza for joining us. Looking forward to next Sundays run. Regards Craig
  10. No worries Tony, so you'll be good for the 30th then! Good luck.
  11. Hi Zedders, the Z Car club of Sydney would like to invite you to join us this coming Sunday the 23rd of October, I apologise for the short notice. Departing the Crossroads Hotel at Casula at 9.00am heading to Trainworks at Thirlmere, the negotiated $22 charge for Trainworks includes admission to the museum , train ride of up to 45 minutes and morning tea. Lunch will follow at the Picton Bowling Club between approx. 12.00 - 2.00pm with a varied menu, this is not included in the $22.00, that only covers morning tea and the train ride, lunch is a separate payment. If anyone is interested and wants further details, please contact me via pm. Thanks, Regards Craig
  12. Hi John Thanks for the organisation, put me down for 2, unfortunately due to shoulder I will have to bring the 350, I need power steering! Regards Craig
  13. Should be good for that, I am getting an itchy right foot, haven't been able to drive for 4 weeks, 2 to go.
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