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  1. I'll add to the 90s goodness.. Raised up my r32 suspension because I'm getting too old to deal with a super low car.. Raised it an inch and its still low. Now I have to consider whether I want to do it all over again.. Apart from that did a heap of maintenance to get it ready for a haltech ecu install.
  2. Sorry guys, I was looking forward to taking the 260z out.. We'll try this again soon.
  3. Hi guys, unfortunately I will be unable to attend tomorrow morning. I jumped in the 260 to go fill up the tank this afternoon and I have no clutch pedal pressure and the car won't go in gear. Apologies to the guys still interested, hopefully you guys still have a nice drive and I'll we'll have another chance to catch up soon. Thanks
  4. No Problem.. I actually may have someone coming down from Canberra on Sunday who is interested in purchasing my Honda CB750.. I will still be at Loftus but depending on the buyer may not be able to participate in the drive.
  5. Hi All "Can't believe it has already been over a year since we last did this". Deja vu.. For the last 2 years this cruise has had a nice turn out so hopefully we'll have a repeat of previous years. Loftus to Thirroul via the Royal Nasho.. Coffee shop Bread, Espresso is a 3min walk from the final destination for those that want a take away coffee and light breakfast. Location has been changed because sometimes Scarborough can be quite hectic on Sundays.. If rain is predicted we'll most probably cancel and reschedule the drive due to the numbers decrease and
  6. If anyone is interested, details in the Facebook link.. https://www.facebook.com/events/417707848703180/?ti=cl
  7. A lot of pre 90s motorcycle engine cases use those long bolts with round heads if you get stuck looking for the right fit. You can find quite a variety on ebay.
  8. Hey George, do me a solid and just make 2 of everything you do. I'll come pick up the parts as you go.. Thanks
  9. I'll send him a picture of one and see what he says about the colour.
  10. I have a friend near Richmond who is a powder coater, he's a bit out of the way but as a car enthusiast has done many car parts in the past.. Are you looking to have them match the colour?
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