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  1. thanks - will be checking against the one in the car so will be a little clearer hopefully. Thanks CBR Jeff for the listing pic - manual loom designation is perfect so all looking good. Now a clean up, check of continuity/connections etc and fingers crossed. Thanks all
  2. Hi all - haven't been on for quite along time with the zed sitting dormant in the garage. I have started back to clean up some of the prior mess areas (some of my own creation :-( ) and I was going through my spares tubs and I have a main cabin loom with the E8805 part number tag on it. I have searched various listings and found e8803 but not the 05. Was wondering whether anyone has any datsun/nissan reference on that number to identify the relevant age/model it might be out of please? The loom is in very good condition, complete with fuse block, various dash components etc so hoping it will lend itself to my 71 model. A clean, test and likely a few new plugs/connectors will make it pretty useful. Thanks in advance for any insights - and in the meantime, I will keep searching. Cheers
  3. thanks for the last pic, i didnt even think to grab one myself... moh
  4. Was able to join up at Scarborough pub for coffee - good to catch up again. And sorry, George, didn't cut out the MX5, just thought it was a red zed that had shrunk and deformed a bit.... Was able to get a small video clip when the guys arrived, but uploader doesn't like the file for some reason. Have shared via this link https://www.dropbox.com/s/efjmw7ts8psorry/IMG_4058.MOV?dl=0 Cheers Ian
  5. Thanks John - no issue with the text - can see how I go for 10/10.30 - can always have a soy, min latte with extra something while I wait :-) ----or a flat white...........
  6. doesn't look like I will be able to make the Loftus end due to assisting my son moving house but potential to get to Scarborough pub at least. What sort of ETA do you think for that end of the run or can someone perhaps text me when not too far away? Am only 15/20 minutes further south. Cheers Ian
  7. Not sure whether of any assistance but reasonable to scale I believe. Ian
  8. Hey George am on the northern side of the Gong - just down Bulli Pass, if that assists Cheers Ian
  9. great article and fix for the photobucket issue. Just an aside, you can do a CTRL F5 on the tab that is open if you dont want to restart the whole browser. I had about 20 tabs open and didn't want to lose all of them, so tried the standard clear cache ctrl f5 to good effect
  10. sure, can do. Cheers
  11. I am 99% sure sure I still have a complete airbox (as well as round top SU's) still. I converted to triple 45 webers a fair while ago. I will grab a look and confirm but likely Sunday before I can do so. Will advise and post some pix if still there.
  12. Not exactly "racing" but I finished up the week long Trek4Kidz charity rally on Saturday in Forbes and the zed performed brilliantly. After 6 days driving and 7 days away (Wednesday lay day), was pipped by one minute to get second overall. Around 3500kms from Nowra to Forbes via Canberra, Cobram, Mildura, Renmark, Hay and finished in Forbes. The zed came back in one piece (compared to last years roll) and only a few issues. Kangaroo strike (zed 1-roo 0) and a stone hit the fuel tank (stone 1-zed 0) - but the amazing fuel tank putty worked brilliantly. Some pix of the zed and the route. And from all of this, the group (less than 70 people) raised a bit over $220k for Starlight. Bring on 2018
  13. thnx for the good wishes. and Peter T, this is why we do it. I was blessed with three kids who grew up without issue but have been close to friends/family with similar issues and Starlight make a difference for the time kids spend in hospitals. And Trek is an unusual one ion that 100% of what we raise actually goers to Starlight as everyone from organisers to officials are volunteers. Was involved with Camp Quality through their similar event (escarpade) but got a bit disillusioned with a good chunk of what we raised going in admin/staff costs. Absolutely not judging what they do or the outcome, as Camp Quality is an amazing help to kids as well, but prefer when the funds can get to the charity in one piece. And fingers crossed for your mates child. Never an easy illness, and more so seeing kids go through it.
  14. BTW, we will be en route from this Sunday (20th) start at Nowra, then overnight stops (in/around) Canberra, then Cobram/Barooga, next to Mildura (lay day Wednesday) then Renmark in South Australia and on to Hay with the final day sees us getting to Forbes on Saturday 26th. if anyone is in/around the areas, say hi if you can. You should be able to see the exact route/follow map here (goes live Saturday 19th) http://www.car240.com.au/livefollowus Cheers
  15. the "this end up" stickers are the mantrra this year, that's for sure........
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