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  1. Edit deleted the number and put few more sold signs even after 8 years still get 2 sms per month about it. should have kept it.
  2. guys and girls ill be wrecking the rest of the RBZ 260 :'( so if someone has any request for any parts let me know. the damage (as u can see the front is gone don't have any front parts that are usable) some parts i will either cut and use for my 240z project and the rest is up for grabs. more interesting parts: front retrimmed FTO Seats and matching rear seat. SOLD carpet $100 complete kit roof with metal sunroof $150 with switch and sunglass holder tailgate $100 complete with seal and rear glass. seal cost more t
  3. awsome work. i read on the feature rides u had R32 climate control and i can see u had the a/c compressor fitted. just wonderign did u install the 260z a/c core in the car?
  4. RBZ 260

    RBZ 260

    MY 260z 2+2 creation It started out as a $500 heap. guttered everythign outof it fix the rust and squized in R32 skyiline bits in it plus few other cars in it as well. Has rb20det with big cooler and bigger turbo. hks fcon ecu, r200 lsd with 4.4 ratio with cv half shafts. also rear axles have been changed to 300zx 5stud turbo items as well as rear brakes from same car. front has an array of mix parts complete rx7 hubs and struts adapted to 260z tower with 4 spot vented disks and liberty power steering rack. Body mods welded headlight cones deleted side indicators metal electric sunroof fit
  5. RBZ 260

    No caption

    LOL i was going through my old zoom magazines. this car was featured on it. good to see u still got the car after so many years. nice car BTW
  6. RBZ 260

    Clean those gutters

    Mate good work. you should post on the forum and link these pictures to it.
  7. RBZ 260

    Center vent chromed

    yep. there are two places in Adelaide that do it. and most are flodded with interstate jobs. but be warned plastic chrome plating aint cheap.
  8. RBZ 260

    Up On Blocks

    hey woza.looking good. looks lot better now. is that the same toyota colour as before or something new. looks bit lighter than previously.if u cant remember me i bought your front bar
  9. there is something about the z31 that i like expecialy the late model one the californian look. driven a 200zr before and i like it. hopefully i can add one as well to my stable in the future. nice car bythe way i like it :-P
  10. RBZ 260

    Shashed 260z 2+2

    if thats what z ended up looking like,how did the wrx end up? hope got written off than its 1:1. can get those crap boxes killing our datos. though im bit brutal to mine but ill be piss off if something happend to it. money cant replace it.
  11. RBZ 260

    No caption

    cool guages. what brand are they or are they custom ones?
  12. RBZ 260

    Project 240Z Speedo

    ive seen people stick small dashes to equivalent speeds like like 60 80. looks messy. otherwise just replace it with kmh one.
  13. RBZ 260

    No caption

    still got lot of work to do gav on her. but soon.cheers for the offer will let you know
  14. RBZ 260

    No caption

    its a factory front lip. made out of plastic. not fiberglass. can prob get some from ebay or copies from body kit places
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