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  1. I love the 944, my old mans got one sitting at his place. He is going to get it painted and interior restored. Shame its an auto
  2. Madddnesssss. Lucky the lending requirements are going to be eased by our beloved federal treasurer later this year. More madddnessss
  3. How much would a mobile kebab and falafel truck in Lakemba go for these days.
  4. Hot Wheels Lovers Take Note, I Think That's Everyone. No video here but interesting to see if any of our members cars can make the cut https://www.drive.com.au/news/hot-wheels-wants-to-turn-your-car-into-a-die-cast-model-125294.html?trackLink=SMH3
  5. Thanks Dave. I need to shave the Nissan logo off the rear calipers so there is clearance. A little annoying as I had the calipers powder coated
  6. If this is true Im going to buy the machine lol
  7. @mossy what break setup are you running?. Im running R33 Calipers and the wheel is clipping the nissan badge. Im running 15 x 8 zero offset front and rears. Not sure if Dave had this issue @KatoKid
  8. @gav240z I had my battery tray cut out and I got a custom catch can made for the RB and a replica wiper water bottle. Hidden and simple
  9. Hey Guys Anyone up for a bonnet. Was originally on my car but I bought a reproduction one so have this laying around Not sure what its worth in this condition. Has had a vent hole cut out for VTech and some damage for aerodynamics Pick up Sydney Cheers Youhan
  10. Venting is therapeutic. I had the same issue and couldn't get a hold of anyone there but my panels did arrive lol
  11. Haha how embarrassing. I missed the intro
  12. Welcome to the Fam Whats the plans for this one Jeff Youhan
  13. What would a LC 3.2L set you back?
  14. Yeah I watched the Haltec video, was informative and had me thinking tge same thing
  15. I have been thinking of selling the RB26 setup and getting a Les Collins 3.2L engine. Although I love the RB my heart is set on the stroker. I think after getting the car to were it is and the JDM styling im going with it would look appropriate to see the L series under the bonnet but its just a thought. What do you guys think?
  16. And a reverse option would be great lol
  17. Six Speeeeed https://www.motoring.com.au/nissan-confirms-manual-for-new-400z-126167/
  18. Twin Turbooooo https://www.motoring.com.au/infiniti-twin-turbo-v6-set-for-nissan-400z-128406/
  19. Was scratching my head after the initial wrestling match, then my trusty brain guided me here haha
  20. Thanks mate, a milestone in the build done. Love the RB NA with the ITB set up
  21. Yeah finally, If I didn't push, the car would stay there another year. Definitely a good feeling
  22. After 3 years of waiting and waiting today I can say the 240z has officially headed home. What a wait and mission with many ups and downs and more ups and downs till it finally got done. Still have a few things I would like to get stuck into myself before I get the wiring and interior sorted such as brake lines, callipers, turbo hoses and what every I can try do myself. Hopefully after the 240z gets engineered I will get the car polished and ceramic coated to protect that paint. Sooo beautiful
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