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  1. L6 was always the plan, I never had an original L24, only a L20, so I have a L28 head and block for the build, Ive always planned to go with carbies but lately i have been toying with the idea of doing FI wit ITBs, combined with stroking it makes a pretty potent package.
  2. I agree with you, but if the 240z is cactus I have a 280zx that the worked engine will fit in perfectly…..
  3. Galloways engine builders in perth have manufactured a stroker crank for the L6, fully counter balanced with a knife edge. No engines on the road with them yet, two L series builds currently underway. I have my name on one atm, they’re pricey though.
  4. No, i just like shiny things…. I haven’t made any final decisions about my engine build. And you could argue it’s unnecessary to spend that amount on a street car head.
  5. As an enthusiast of collecting zed parts I have been itching to by parts from the US but have been holding off due to currency exchange being horrible for the AUD/USD and airfreight prices being extortionary. Lately the AUD has been getting stronger but airfreight is remaining stubbornly high. Does anybody have a good index they use to track airfreight prices? Ive been using https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/IS2312 prices still looks over double that of normal
  6. anybody noticed that cars are staying up for sale longer than normal. awful lot of s30s for sale atm.... I think most are just asking way too much. As interest rates go up, prices should come down...
  7. in terms of exchange rate to the yen there's probably no better time. Id love to get one but really want to see some solid numbers and testing come back from a western source.
  8. would be keen to hear whether these reinforcement pieces make much difference to driving feel.
  9. 2 years old Gav! must be time for another time thief???
  10. Have you touched base with stewart wilkins about your concerns? He would have some valuable input I'm sure.
  11. Don't a lot of people run lug centric wheels? (wheel hole doesn't fit tight around hub) I'm pretty sure majority of people run lug centric, id say hubcentric would be less common as its difficult to have after market wheels fit your hubs perfectly. Or I could be wrong...
  12. Firstly I was bored at work and no one bothered to reply 8 months ago secondly I know what it’s like being the new guy. You guys are scary old men! Lol but mostly boredom….
  13. and a 280zx is half the price of a 260z 2+2. if you're on a tight budget a 280zx is a great option. you can get a really good condition car for 20k. go for a series 2 car. They look good once lowered with bigger wheels, amazing interior, you get an L28 motor. They're a bit slow in a straight line but handle well with some bigger wheels and decent tyres and with some simple modifications are a really fun car.
  14. hi John Q1- not a daily driver, not safe, you live in Melbourne where it rains a lot, rain and datsuns = rust Q2- locally Q3- there's this amazing site called google, if you type 240z engine swaps into it you will be bored before you can read half of the results. Do your own research as much as possible before posting questions, people wont respond otherwise. most questions have already been asked and answered. good luck
  15. Hey @Holdo Welcome to the forum! there are some members in Canberra, I'm sure they'll chime in at some point Id go tot the members project page and start a build thread, post photos and a run down of where you're at. people will chime in good luck! Ryan
  16. Cmon man, it comes with SUs, the wrong color engine bay and eBay fender mirrors…
  17. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1977-datsun-260z-2-2-manual/SSE-AD-5351224 2+2 for 126k anyone?
  18. Hey Nick would it be possible for you to post up some photos of the corners of your NOS roof? where it ties into the roof pillars, Just would like some photos in case i need to rebuild my roof skin. Can DM them if you don't want to post here Cheers
  19. Wow what an incredible build. he must have spent close to that building it
  20. No longer required as i have the entire rear assembly from resurrected classics. Fits well, I test fit on my car looking for $500 + freight but send me an offer to consider Ryan
  21. Continuing on with panel removal I started on the LHS rear quarter panel, before starting I decided to strip the paint, Im undecided if Im going to reuse this quarter panel, I have all the necessary replacement panels to patch it (tabco rear wheel arches, KFV lower rear section and my spare roof has healthy looking pieces around the rear quarter window i could use )but would be much easier to just replace the full quarter panel. Hopefully uncle lurches procurement skills make the cost more reasonable. Surprisingly besides the rooted doglegs, wheel arches and rusted out quarter window sections its a very clean panel, one minor bit of dodgy patching but otherwise clean. check out the more than inch worth of bog in the rear arch.... some real artisans worked on this car... The arches are pretty much non existant so i stripped until i found the rust and decided to leave the bog and cut around it, same with the dogleg. Ive drilled out majority of the spotwelds, only the C pillar/rear quarter window area to go. One question i have is does anyone know if there are any spotwelds in the below location onto the underlying panel that creates the curve of the rear window?
  22. tell me about it.... my priority shifted to getting the car blasted asap, once all the jobs are done to prep for the blaster ill finish it off lol its just the mounts and t-bar left to do, probably a days work?
  23. Short video on me going to build the rear rotisserie mounts but then changing plans to repairing the rear valance but then changing plans to removing all the panels. Gotta go with the flow I guess….
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