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  1. Hi all Can anyone tell me what this bracket and bushing is for on the front diff support? I failed to observe it when tearing the suspension down. I’ve checked my service manual and google but can’t find anything. Cheers
  2. Thought I’d review my experience with the T3 Techno Toy Tuning Tri bar front strut brace. Once arrived and I attempted to install. It didn’t go too well…. The fitment was not right at all: - found the bar impacted the rocker cover quite substantially. (For some reason the stupid photo keeps flipping upside down) - the hardware supplied was incorrect for the firewall bracket - one of the tribar rods was the incorrect size - bracket that holds the brake booster vac line and throttle linkage return spring impacted on the installation of the tribar firewall bracket. This was due to the tribar being designed for LHD cars as this bracket isn’t required as the brake booster and throttle linkage goes to the other side. This was disappointing to say the least and infuriating to try and install. I tried shimming the strut tower plates with washers, I shaved the rocker cover down slightly with a half round file and tried to bend the bar with a deadlift. All my efforts gave about 1/2 a mm clearance…. emailed techno toy tuning with photos and explanations. I have to say their customer service was great. I suggested they need at least another 10mm clearance for the rocker cover. They immediately fabbed up a new bar, sent out the correct tribar rod and some new hardware for the firewall bracket. All arrived today and I installed. I removed the shimming washers, installed the new bar with additional 10mm clearance, didn’t give much extra clearance at all, about 2 mm even with my shaved rocker cover. Better than before but certainly not perfect. I had to bend the bracket that held the brake booster vac line and throttle return spring, I didn’t want to do this but it’s the only way I could see installing it without manufacturing a custom bracket. new hardware for firewall small piece of the vent has to be cut off for clearance with the tribar fixings. new clearance, hard to get a good photo, doesn’t look like much in the photo It might not fit the best but at least it looks mint! yes I need to detail my engine bay…. so if any 280zx owners are thinking of purchasing this be aware there are fitment issues and I would be confirming these issues are rectified before purchasing this product. I doubt they will manufacture a new firewall bracket that works with our RHD set up, hopefully they work all these kinks out as I am a big fan of their products. a short drive around the neighborhood revealed good results, more responsive handling and the front end felt tight as. some more spirited driving will reveal more later.
  3. Thanks rod, a much appreciated perspective. It’s difficult not to get stuck in a hole during such times, positive vibes like that are much needed.
  4. My condolences Dave, i don’t think anything can prepare you for the loss of your mum. Holding up ok for now, thanks for reaching out, hope you’re doing ok too
  5. Yes I just did this, bought some recaro LX’s on clearance, still 2k! She took it better than I thought lol
  6. So it’s been a long time since I have worked on the car. My excuse should suffice. My dear mum suffered complications during surgery in January 2021, she fought the good fight but ultimately we had to let her go in September. I have never suffered such pain. Its still very raw three months on. During her stay in hospital I was still working on the car and it was a welcome distraction for me and a stress release, or maybe more of a stress replacement? I’m not sure. So I will be dedicating this project to my dear mum and will change it to Project Georgia (once I work out how) In loving memory… I have in the mean time been reformulating my plan for the rear of the rotisserie, I plan to keep the rear valance off and tie the mount points into a second area, considering the rear strut towers as per below. then finally get it off to be stripped and blasted. should be back to work on the car shortly…
  7. I can’t wait to be put out of my misery….
  8. I got a set off Les Collins for $1500 including ceramic coating, I believe they’re Stuart Wilkins ones but may be wrong. according to Lurch they’re the ducks testicles….
  9. You can a get brand new set of those similar style extractors for about 300$ Within Australia on eBay. Can’t comment on quality or performance. then ceramic coating (which I’m told is a must) is another $350 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DATSUN-NISSAN-240Z-260Z-L28-EXTRACTORS-HEADERS-NEW-/284557225319?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=705-154756-20017-0
  10. From Americans…. I’m sure the needs/wants of the US consumer were heavily considered during design, but to say those needs or wants were purely “American” or that it was designed solely for the USA is a bit of Uncle Sam propaganda imo I think propagation of this idea has spread to be truth with the help of YouTube and Larry Chen.
  11. Lost it laughing, great meme choice… engine looks great, orange on green is a nice contrast. I like your tactic of restraining your daughter in her pram while you work on the car, I must try this myself lol, do you think it would work with my wife?
  12. Hehe I know I’m merely quoting the first line of the Shannon’s review and cannot confirm or deny my opinions on the matter….
  13. Good point, however gerson at KF is very accommodating and would probably be more than happy to do a custom set without side marker holes. repair would be best if possible, will be interesting to see what they charge for them though
  14. KF vintage jdm will be producing fenders in the future but you will have to wait. Based on their repair panels they should fit very well though are 2+2 fenders the same as 2 seaters?
  15. P1800s are very cool. Have you seen the Resto mod CYAN P1800? I actually have always loved Volvo 240s particularly the wagons. I would have loved to create a sleeper 240, but my mechanical skills and knowledge is far too weak.
  16. Even grandpas Volvo 240 isn’t safe from inflation....
  17. https://www.hagerty.com/media/magazine-features/bull-market-2022/ hagerty providing some speculation to the market for the following models
  18. Nothing wrong with the 280zx, don’t listen to the zx snobs. It’s a very cool car in its own right, much like many sequels, it’s always difficult to live up to the original. Yes the stock suspension was too soft, yes it’s slightly slower/heavier than the early cars, no it doesn’t look as good as the S30s. But in its own right it is a great car. They still handle very well with decent tyres, chassis is balanced, It’s far more comfortable in terms of ride/cabin noise than the S30, you have EFI reliability. Excellent quality cars are selling in the US for $30-35k AUD according to hagerty valuations. 2 seaters are always worth more, so a fair price for an Australian 2+2 will be between 25-30k. when you get 70% of the 240/260z experience for 40% of the price it’s a no brainer for anyone priced out of the S30 market.
  19. Wow you must be getting very excited wags!
  20. To be honest ive had many chances over the years to buy decent 260z 2 seaters for not a lot of money. I was too stubborn and fixated on having the original 240z. Looking back I think I made the wrong choice, I could have been enjoying good condition running car instead of trying to resurrect Lazarus.... ahhh hindsight...
  21. Thanks Jeff I was getting a strut brace anyway...I have the spacers ordered too checked the wheel bearing play, slight play on LHS but none on right and rubbing on both. I will be checking the hub bolt torque
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