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  1. If only this came out sooner.... I’ve already bought parts! Looks high quality!
  2. They literally have a show called “the next big thing” with magnus walker lol
  3. Auction houses influencing the market and fanning speculation? Sounds like Hagerty is guilty.... they are putting out some very good quality YouTube content of late, I think this would definitely qualify as fanning speculation...
  4. Hey Rudi, Martin my z guy sends them off, I can get the company for you but I’d say it would be cheaper freight wise to send it to the dash doctor. From memory he said it was roughly 1100-1200 for the reskin. surely there’s someone in Sydney who reskins dashes!
  5. Hey nick could you do us a huge favor if you have your horn pad accessible? Just want to know the rough depth measurement from edge of horn pad to the top edge of the ring? Basically how deep the ring is set into the pad? Looks about 3-5mm? Cheers
  6. yes pretty sure the bonnet hinge bolts had those for a screwdriver. The zcardepot kits are just a straight hex bolt. I’m not fussed, but good eye though!
  7. Received a couple of odds and sods from zcardepot. I had to buy some 280zx bits from them so thought I’d get some stuff I know I need for the 240z and save on shipping. bought one of their horn button backing rings, and yellow zinc bolt sets for the fenders and bonnet hinge assy as all my original fasteners were ruined or replaced with incorrect items. All fasteners are rated 8.8 for fenders and 10.9 for hinge assy this is what the rear of my horn button looks like backing ring fixes perfectly onto the steering wheel. I plan to use a combination of liquid nails from the new ring to the metal tab then expanding foam to fill the areas and hold the shape. few close ups of the ring, anyone know why they have the four cutouts there? Or is that just the original shape?
  8. Lol it’s a bit of a beast. Should do the job nicely. I don’t have 15amp power in the shed yet, so I’m planning on grinding down the pin and only using 2 motors for now. Naughty I know
  9. Haven’t worked on the car for two breaks now... had an ERT course all last break and whole family has had a bad cold so been caring for sick kids and wife all break. I have made small progress on stripping the dash in preparation for reskinning. It’s a very rough dash so I’m letting the pros deal with it. also purchased the compressor I will be using for the air tools and spray painting! 4HP 150L Silenced motors 19.35 cfm, all for $1500! I thought it was great value. Motors silenced to 75db which is handy. These are made in China but quality seems very good. I’m yet to test it out though.
  10. DGR coilovers arrived. $1200 landed, Adjustable height and damping. These bolt straight in on the rear and fronts have to be welded to the front strut assembly. I sourced a pair of stock front strut assemblies to be sacrificed to the Coilover Gods. That way the car can go back to stock. I’m not a fan of the white spring but no ones going to see them anyway... I also have a T3 set of Negative Camber Roll Adjusters to go on!
  11. Is anybody aware of any suppliers for 280zx 2+2 weatherstripping of any kind? So far I can’t find anyone who supplies 2+2 stuff, lots of coupe bits available but no family car spec.... surely Nissan don’t supply anymore, the only place I haven’t checked...
  12. I was wondering the same thing. Problem with the z car depot complete kit is they are stainless with stainless finish. I have heard several debates about having to use anti seize or not. Who knows what you’re getting with eBay ones, I think as long as it’s not for suspension, engine, driveline or brakes eBay stuff might be ok? My approach/plan is to rezinc everything original and in good condition, source any missing originals (ones or twos missing here and there) to complete my original sets. Then fill in the blanks with whatever I can find. Mines not concourse though so doesn’t really matter. I found pretty much all my suspension/driveline brake fasteners were reusable.
  13. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1979-datsun-280zx-auto/SSE-AD-7380425 Pretty cheap, looks in decent nick, might need some mechanical work seeing it’s been garaged so long. Not sure if it’s registered says 1979 but looks like a series 2 with series 1 rims
  14. First thing to do was upgrade the wheels and tyres. Car needed new rubber anyway to be registered. Stock wheels had 18 year old rubber on them and 14s are way too small for the zx. Originally I was looking at black rims but found some photos of bronze on white and really dug the look. I also was leaning to something period correct, was looking at something in the watanabe, rota RKR, konig rewind camp. I settled on 16s but RKRs don’t come in 16s, rewinds didn’t have the right colors, and I wasn’t prepared to lose a kidney for the watanabes. So I had to ditch that style and decided on something similar to the photos above. The rota Grid Classics in bronze 16x8 +0 offset. I got them wrapped in a set of 225/50/R16 Potenzas Adrenalin RE003’s. Very well reviewed tyre. I’m really stoked with how they look. Now just need coilovers to get rid of that 4wD stance. for the record this tyre and wheel combo does not rub and has good clearance with stock suspension.
  15. Long time between drinks. Nice jig mate!
  16. Here we go I found it s30_Hardware_pictures.pdf
  17. Somewhere on the inter web someone has the 240z fastener breakdowns (most should transfer to the 260z I assume?) , item by item, with photos and measurements. I think it’s in a spreadsheet? So you may be able to use that to sort your bags of nuts and bolts. Don’t know how well the previous owner organized and labeled. from my sketchy memory it was on classiczcars.com?
  18. Looks like you got a set of 240z hitachi SUs which is a plus.
  19. Nice one mate. Red interiors are the best interiors.
  20. Haha just teasing mate, though I am a manual or death kinda guy. My 280zx has an auto which I will be burning once swapped lol it makes the car slower to rev out, only 3 speed so tall gearing. I think it depends on what driving you are going to do, if you just cruise the auto is great. But if you’re going to do any spirited driving whatsoever you’ll want a manual. are you keeping it for originality?
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