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  1. Would there be any advantage to having an 'Export Brace' (google it) such as used on early Mustangs? A heavy gauge one-piece ribbed steel brace in a V shape that connects the top of the front strut towers to the central part of the firewall, replacing the standard rather weak bolt-on angle braces. Along with a strut brace it triangulates the front clip.
  2. I think they were addressed to some extent weren't they? From my observations the 260Z shell is an improved construction over the 240Z, albeit heavier. But then people also complain about the added weight. So I guess much depends on how the car is to be used. But certainly if a car is being stripped down to bare metal for a complete rebuild then that's the time to seam weld it in various areas rather than rely on spot welds. And putting a strengthening kit to tie the front end to the rear end better, such as is being discussed and designed here, is a great idea and a great initiative.
  3. As Gav240z says. Asking prices for Zeds in any condition are steadily climbing due to increased demand and a very limited supply. Watch and assess the market and you will get a feel for how much you will likely have to pay whether a 'barn find' project car or a running/registered car. Not easy though currently as there aren't many for sale. Demand is such that even very rusty cars that a decade or two ago would have been stripped for parts and the remainder abandoned or sent to the crusher are being repaired. Which is a massive job in itself, especially with the limited amount of aftermarket support by way of replacement panels and body shell sections. If you see a car advertised that interests you then you best get on to it ASAP or it will be soon gone if the asking price is sensible. Good luck.
  4. I'm sure it will only be a short-lived hiatus before you are back in the mancave Zed workshop again. And, for those who are missing the point, Rudi has a 2+2, not a 2-seat, so it all fits perfectly... welcome to the world baby Alexis and well done and congratulations to mum and dad!
  5. Hmmm... that's pretty good money for a tribute car then... I guess the original is priceless. That obnoxious troll who was on this forum a month back telling us the Zeds are worth stuff-all would have a heart attack. BTW, why does the original No.11 have a RH headlamp bucket in the outdoor video and yet that's missing in the Zama museum photo?
  6. Oh dear... dare I ask, what did they hit, an elephant? The body shell looks like one large ripple... There's that jacking point, another detail...
  7. Thanks for the Zama photos. Drool. Well that's two of the race/rally cars. Love those bonnet-mounted driving lights. I'll have to google the US scene, wondering whether any of the BRE and other well known race cars have been preserved. Anyway, IMO there's always a place for 'tribute' cars, even a token, to keep the history alive. Just so long as no-one tries to pass one off as the real thing when it changes hands of course. That's a whole separate discussion in itself.....
  8. Does the R31 motor wiring bear any resemblance to the 260Z wiring? Sounds like you're missing something from the R31 circuitry. As for the Honda motor, can you rotate the shaft manually at all or is it seized?
  9. Pity that didn't become a production modification. Most interesting... feel free to keep talking. PS. is that a rippled panel in the top RH side of the first picture where the white lettering is? Or maybe it's just a visual distortion.
  10. Good-oh, was going to offer you one that came off a Fairlady but you already have it.
  11. Terrific, HS30-H, thanks for the info which I and I'm sure many others here do appreciate. So we can now look forward to your assembly/build up of a replica Works test car in 2021, having already collected up so many of the right bits? Awesome. Lots of photos please. Thanks.
  12. And I wish I could take you up on it! I'd love to see the real things. Are they all in Japan, as in the Nissan museum that some on this forum have visited? Or private ownership? I don't suppose any of the old rally and race cars from that era are in the UK? What happened to 'Big Sam'? I visit the UK from time-to-time, family connections, but no plans to visit Japan, but going nowhere while this bloody covid19 germ is still stalking us all.
  13. Or www.seatsafe.com.au
  14. Well I for one would be proud to own it. Someone has gone to a great deal of trouble with all the decals & graphics. How could we, unless we saw them being built. But we can still appreciate their history and tribute cars keep that history alive and not confined to museums.
  15. After very publicly dumping on everyone who owns a Zed, whether their car is up for sale or not, and the very same people whose advice he would surely need probably many times over, IMHO he's shot himself in the foot several times over and left himself little choice but to get a third party involved. He won't be getting any parts or help from me that's for sure.
  16. Yes, that ad has now been running for a while. Unsurprisingly. Arrogant, who would bother even replying? But didn't I read him say that he'd now got a car, somewhere in that old thread? Or maybe I mis-read, senior moment perhaps...
  17. Well that flies right in the face of that troll who was on this forum recently telling all that these old Zeds are really worth nothing much and he shouldn't have to pay much either...! It looks pretty bad but hopefully not a heart-breaker for the keen new owner, and another car in a diminishing pool of cars will eventually be saved.
  18. Can you not pick up a complete set-up from a parted-out car fro your 260Z? Plenty of 260Zs in Aus seemed to have A/C. You'll need the A/C version of the heater control panel with its extra controls.
  19. Well that confirms that then, now we all know for sure. This Zed parts guy I used to know knew his stuff and what parts fitted where, a font of knowledge, he used to work for Nissan Datsun.
  20. What it is to be so popular...
  21. Some cars (Aus-new? - ADR requirement?) have clear glass, some eg. NZ and Japan, maybe other markets too, have pale blue tint glass all round.
  22. That's one thing I always enjoy with the classic car scene, the surprises; one just never knows what people have got salted away under their house or in a shed. So many times I've read of a car enthusiast looking for a long while for a particular model even looking interstate only to eventually find one in the next suburb over that they and their car club never even knew existed.
  23. Yes so it would seem. Interesting isn't it, I can concur with that tendency to hang on to what one has having bought it with one's hard-earned and would only part with were it absolutely necessary to stave off starvation or whatever. So far it completely flies in the face and opinions of that troll 'Hayden' on this forum recently telling us that classic car and particularly Zed asking prices are due to plummet anytime soon so he can pounce. Whereas what I've seen this year is a steady increase in asking prices for tidy cars particularly for the 2+2 versions.
  24. We can live in hope, at least for the 240Z. But there were so many running changes made by Nissan to the S30 series and particularly so with the 260Z and 280Z models plus variations required by local markets. There's all the LHD vs RHD variations..... not terribly straightforward. To be worth a manufacturer tooling up he'll need to be pretty sure he'd get decent sales volumes.
  25. Your replacement clip looks to be in pretty good shape, so well done finding that. The late 260 radiator panel & X-member is quite different to the 240 and early 260, and so a give-away if you use it on a 240 but only the learned would know the difference. But the later 260s like yours didn't have the black flexi ducts in the front corners of the engine bay, so you might want to use the original 240 radiator panel in any case. And the grille fixings and splash pan shape are different too. Best check fit everything you intend to use prior to completing the bodywork and paint. Where do you intend to make the cut to meld the 260 and 240 sections together? I only ask because many moons ago I went to collect some parts from a Zed parts guy, and as I drove in a scruffy Zed drove out. The parts guy told me it was a cut'n'shut 240/260 joined through the A pillars and the guy had been there wanting help with his dashboard which was flopping around as it wasn't fully bolted in, as the 240 vs 260 dash mountings are different, and his car had the wrong dash. How much different they are or how true that is I wouldn't know. But that's what he said, FWIW anyway.
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