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  1. It's been in (is in) storage at the moment as my final restoration project. Currently I'm doing up another Z (#366) so I'm also figuring out what I want to do with this. When I first drove this thing it was an absolute rocketship. The (messy) car is complete and disassembled, the only thing missing is the motor, which I had and was damn interesting for an L24 (like really thin rings and a drilled block that allowed a dual feed oil pickup from one sieve, a modified sump to accommodate the hardware) when I rebuilt it and put it in a skyline I used to have, it revved so high. That fat assed auto skyline had heaps of power with this thing's zed motor - alas to metal heaven it has gone. My main focus has been to keep it dry and straight and it has mostly been that until recently. I was gearing up to do work on it pre covid lockdown but I haven't been able to access it since lockdown started. It's had a rallying history and the suspension and engine modifications show that - so does the replacement of both quarter panels. The car is stripped of tar sheets ready for seam welding as I thought I'd tighten it up, remove the quarters and the cowl and strip it to bare metal, maybe cold gal the inside. I'm not sure, suggestions welcome on how to prep the body as I'm in the planning phase of the 48 resto (which includes sale as a potential option). How about I turn it into a convertible? I think that it would be really interesting I'm info gathering at this stage, assessing options for a project plan. I appreciate you all being interested. J
  2. Thanks heaps for that guys - I was a a bit bummed out by that, it used to be perfect. FYI it is HS30-00048. Additionally, I found https://www.panchkits.com/ will make a carbon fibre roof for a 240Z which I hope helps someone if they need it. Cheers John
  3. Are these fuel injection modules. They look awesome - great job!
  4. Thanks for the reply. There is a few creases there. I haven't been able to have a close look. What do you think? J
  5. Hi Z fans, I thought I'd revive this discussion. My Z car was recently vandalised and someone stomped in the roof. It's an early model shell I was preparing to restore that was accessed whilst in storage. I've followed the advice here and come up empty. Does anyone have any ideas where I could get a roof cut, skin or carbon fibre roof skin. Thank you in advance John
  6. Thanks for the info NZedder. I guess the shipping will probably be more than $600 eh? I haven't really had the time to explore this forum as much as I'd like to yet because I've been so busy. I checked out your site and the sand blasting to your car - looks awesome dood.
  7. Hi all - thanks for your interest in my Z project and the info. I have 2 zeds so maybe I was getting it confused with the other one which is earlier than this one, but I'm sure I saw the registration papers with it originally registered in 1969. The build number is HS30 00366 so I guess it can't possibly be a 1969 model. My other 240Z was a rally car and it had some balls when I drove it. Ironically the head - now rebuilt - is in service in my Patrol and will be towing this Zed :-). I'll have to check for sure but I think it is HS30 0048. Both cars have the vents on the hatch, rear brake balance block in the rear of the car, thinner diff mounts, upward mounting gearbox mounts - the voids behind the back seat didn't have a cavity for a tool kit, I 'damaged' 366 that way so I had room for 'accessories'. From what I learned from the previous owner of 048 it was bought directly from a production show of the cars by a Nissan exec - but of course it's anecdotal and requires validation. I didn't know about the HLS series Zeds, I've never really paid that much attention to the front letters but when I'm at my dads place - (he is storing that car) I'll check it out - I haven't looked for many years. While I was doing this car up I was comparing it to my previous experiences working on a 1976 260Z (the one with a GTR skyline motor) - I've attached a picture. You can tell the 260Zs were the pinnacle of development work that went into the Zs 2 seater's of that body shape. They are much more solid than the 240Z and it was *very* fast. I would love to get my hands on another late model 260Z and whack a current GTR skyline motor - but I digress. But the 240Zs were the original concept and do seem lighter and I have retrofitted 260Z components into the vehicle. I just can't wait to drive it. I've often said to myself "I'm miss-in my Nissan'. The current problem I have to solve is that *all* the new suspensions bushes and other new components like the new handbrake cable (and a rare 2400 rocker cover - and I doubt I will be able to get my hands on another one of those) have gone missing whilst I was incapacitated. The car was also damaged - so I'm not real happy with that. I've suffered enough delays in getting this car finished but to have my vision of what the car will be, tarnished, is really frustrating. I'll stop whinging now. I'll try to find some pictures of the car before hand but I can tell you that the car was originally Yellow, then red and now it's blue. So it's actually made stops through the entire colour spectrum - little science joke there ;-) So if anyone has suggestions where I can get my hands on new suspension bushes for a 240Z that would be great - but I'm also looking for a L32D crank if I can find one to go in a P90 L28. But the engine build will be the next series of Photos... Thanks all Johnny
  8. What would a 1969 Z be like new? It's a question I asked myself when I started doing a restoration of my 1969 240z. I've had a few Z's. My first was a 1977 260Z with a GTR skyline L28 and triple 44mm solex's. What a beast. Nothing like the sound of induction noise of triples on a L series motor at full song. I can guarantee it turns heads better than a turbo charger, and the honest reaction of school kids piling over too one side of the bus to get a look at this hot car as you drive by reminds me of, well me, when I first saw a Zed. My current<a href="http://www.viczcar.com/gallery/index.php?cat=10963"> Zed project </a> was first registered in 1969 and is well under the first 500 zeds released into Australia. It had encountered some neglect over the years and I actually owned it for about 7 years before I decided to strip it back and start again. I would like it to be a stealth hot rod durable and drivable. I'm not fond of cars in glass cases. It's been hard work on and off. Unfortunately for me I had a serious injury (snapped achillies) towards the end of the project and had to learn to walk again. I'm only just getting back to working on the car which suffered some damage while in storage :-(, parts went missing, rrrr. Still I've put a good two months on it lately and finally will be getting it back home soon while I prep for the next stage of work. I'll take a few more piccys soon and post them then. In the mean time, I hope you get a feel for what I'm try to achieve. Enjoy
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    I will soon, I'm just so busy doing the car :-}
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