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  1. Hi Gavin Congratulations to both you and Maria. To mark the occasion i have a special gift for you, Maria may not be excited but I found the original compliance plate for 51. it is as new condition. Just need an address to send it to you. Regards Vince.
  2. Rotisserie for sale Home made, Used to build both my 240's. easily assembled. $375 . Located s/w Sydney Vince 0412975008
  3. Compressor looks good there, at not on the kitchen table.
  4. Car looks great, besides painting the rear light surrounds i would have the correct badges in

    place and maybe front and back overriders.


  5. Sydney Datsun Club will be well represented tomorrow, should be a few Zeds there as well.
  6. HI Peter. Unfortunatly neither of mine have the EGR provision. The blanks are there but not drilled or threaded.
  7. Peter I have a couple, not sure which one would suit. Put up a pic, and any stampings so I can compare. vince
  8. HI Peter. I Have 2 cars with Sydney Datsun Club. Send Graeme an email to Datsun@sydneydatsunclub.com Cheers Vince.
  9. Not the same tailgate Gav the one I bought was in keeping with the quality of the restoration of "Orgasmic"
  10. "Not quiet right'' The car was written off after an accident (not sure of the exact details) I saw the car and actually bought the tailgate and left hand door, I think they may have been the only usable panels left. Only regret not buying the rest of the wreck.
  11. Peter i have 2 are welcome to, the only thing is I don't have the 2 little wedge pieces that go under the 3 mounting screws. will drop them off at Graemes place tonight.
  12. I am ok for Saturday, hoping for a couple of Zed friends to join us as well. Vince
  13. There you go Chris you will be getting one back. Forgot to mention, will be having a run in Regularity at Wakefield this Sunday with 5 other Zeds. Would be good to catch up if you feel the need to give your car a day out. Vince.
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