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The japanese used car market has been interesting as of late. I see a lot of sellers with an asking price of $X, but I haven't seen many actually selling for $X anyway. Has this been the case over the past 2 years or have we actually seen sales of cars for $X?

I think prices are dropping for most assets because sellers are just being realistic now and adjusting their expectations as a result. 

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The upcoming Shannons auction will be revealing - there are some nice cars up for grabs that might give an overall vibe of the strength of the market.

My 2c - Some of the zeds that have dropped in price are not particularly nice examples from a value standpoint - non-original motors, heaps of non factory mods and hard to find parts missing or race prepped or similar (ie not where the value lies). It's very easy for an owner of a zed who has no appreciation of why cars are worth XXX to expect theirs to be worth the same and attempt a cash grab that was never realistic.

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