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  1. Haha funny you say that mate, I spoke to him and he told me about his Datsuns and after about 10 mins I had to say I got to go. Lovely guy though! Long story short Nissan are no longer making fuel sender units for the 240z. If anyone hasn’t replaced theirs I would strongly recommend buying one as they are a part that constantly touches fuel and after a while is prone to weep. I couldn’t find any in Australia and had to go to NZ Datsun parts. when this rain stops and I’m not so busy we might have to go for a drive mate.
  2. Sorry for the lack of updates, been away with work and generally busy. some nice little updates/new parts: had a really strong fuel smell in the garage. Turns out the fuel sender unit had finally given way and was allowing for a slight fuel weep through the terminals, so bought a new genuine one from NZ Datsun parts. Plus a locking ring and a new seal. Also, I noticed that there was a fair smell coming from the fuel door area. The fuel cap looked alright but I had no idea it had a pressure release valve on the underside. The rubber seal on this spring loaded valve had rotted (see photos). So ordered a new genuine fuel cap…you can see the difference. Mounted the mic for my new retrosound stereo. It’s not hidden but I think it works well and gives clear comms and eliminates the fuse box cover rattle/jiggle we all experience on rough roads. Finally, had issues with the park brake light actuation switch. So bought a new genuine one from the states. Fitted and works a treat!
  3. Sorry mate just saw this.
  4. First day without rain and first day to go out for a drive. Jeebus it pulls hard! Once again, thanks to Locky Fowler at CAR for the entire project management of this vehicle.
  5. Just passed roadworthy and we are registered!
  6. Yes it was an amazing journey and I am so happy that the car is with me. Special thanks to Locky at CAR for the project management for delivery of the turn key project. Going for rego inspection tomorrow morning and then, if there’s no hiccups, it’s straight to the registry for new plates. excited to get out there.
  7. This is why I would personally never buy a classic without the view of restoring it. At least he has C.A.R on the job. A lot of other shops would just end up putting makeup on a pig, whereas Locky does it to last.
  8. Haha great minds…I was thinking exactly that but just didn’t want to say it.
  9. It’s amazing how much tin worm a relatively straight (before the accident) and shiney zed had. This is where the dollars go in a resto.
  10. The Holden craze was fueled by FOMO and greed. Market correction for new holdens is on its way if not already here. A lot of people are going to either lose big (except for the W cars which are as rare as rocking horse sh!t) or have to hold onto the cars for a long time to get what they paid for them back.
  11. Perhaps in 50 years the 400z will see relative values to the 240z…but for now, with EVs well and truly in the mainstream, it will be a playstation4 in a playstation5 world….and no one talks about the last of the playstation4’s. but most importantly, what we are forgetting, is how impactful the 400z will be. Will it storm onto the market and blow everything away like the 240z did or will it be another sports car that does more of the same…that will be the difference as to its value in a few decades time.
  12. You might well be right but I’m thinking that New ICE cars are generally not collectible unless they are truly something rare and special like an exotic invite to purchase car. I mean, if they didn’t make the new 400z and the 370z was the final ICE model would it be the collectible outstripping 240z values?
  13. Not unexpected if it has. Two schools of economic thought: 1) Interest rates are set to rise sharply which means people sell off toys and holiday homes to reduce and consolidate increasingly hard to service debt. That coupled with the fact that money (for toys) will be more expensive to borrow means that there is not the same number of players looking to enter/stay in the classic car market thus pushing prices down. 2) Alternatively, as property gets more expensive to debt service their relative values either plateau or decline which means that people look to assets, other than property, to invest in such as shares or classic cars etc. This may in turn cause inflation of the classic car market. it does appear that we are on the verge of experiencing situation one though. But if you don’t have to sell in the oncoming period then don’t. Situation 2 will roll around soon enough and inflation will move your car values north by default.
  14. Yes, I never know what he’s thinking when he happens upon bad craftsmanship.
  15. Tacho is back from the instrument maker today. Apparently had a faulty board. This is the last restored piece to go into the car. Now we have a couple of adjustments, final operations test and checks of all components/functions, professional detail, professional photos…then transport to me in Canberra.
  16. Locky is a glutton for punishment. Seriously though, it goes to show that there are ‘restorations’ and restorations. Lots of people just end up putting makeup on a pig. im glad this zed has found a place to get restored at to give it maximum life.
  17. That is a very persuasive argument and I think I would have to agree on the whole. Oh god I can see it now…with ICE in an electric era we are going to look like the old guy that refuses to adopt new and better tech aren’t we?! Is this what getting old feels like?!?
  18. I think it could go either way depending on what the bloke with the fistful of cash at the other end of the carsales ad is looking for. I reckon with the electric car revolution just around the corner the choice will soon be between original engine and electric conversion. I personally wouldn’t do an RB or M3 swap at the present as they will be considered an old fashioned mod when we start seeing some classics converted over to electric and seeing them burn off actual M3’s at the lights.
  19. That’s a great question. From what I can see, I think that one is in the eye of the beholder mate. My personal opinion is original looking exterior and interior with a bit of modern tidy up, and an original modified drivetrain that will give some modern mid range sports cars a run for their money. An RB swap is fine if that works for the individual, but there is something beautiful for me about an original z engine with period correct mods and sound. As time goes by I think the rewards for staying original will become clearer. Could you imagine a db5 or an e-type with an engine swap to a modern engine??…you would get serious hate mail.
  20. You could be right, but IMHO I think the current z market merely looks like it has plateaued or slowed up due to some of the examples been offered up for sale not really being in top restored condition. Looking at carsales, the pick for me is the orange 260z for about 95k. It’s a beautiful restoration with lots of LCR work under the hood and a full rebuild all round. It’s the only one that looks as though it’s had a full rotisserie in recent times. The others look perfectly fine but I think the average price we are currently seeing is for cars that have mild/little restoration work done on them. I think if 3 concourse condition 240’s were to hit carsales tomorrow they would exist in the 130-150 bracket and that would alter peoples perceptions of where the market is truly at. OR, I could be totally wrong and have my head up my ar$e.
  21. Getting close. big reveal with colour photos not far off…Tacho was not functioning to scratch after coming back from having new internals from the instrument maker. It goes back to the instrument maker this week.
  22. That’s got to be good news for z owners all round! Everyone here should have a Friday beer to celebrate your success! Given the historical price difference between the 240 and the 260 (not passing judgement as I think the 260 is a brilliant car), what would a similar restored 240 be going for? And no I am not selling my wags’ 240z C.A.R. built 240z. Just more curious to where my insurance value should be at.
  23. A nice little modern touch that doesn’t look out of place at all. Will go well with the retrosound stereo right next to it.
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