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  1. Deep down you and I think half the guys here secretly want this, but for small fraction of the price
  2. That think he been on and off for sale for years, first listed it pre-covid for $65k!
  3. This one went to auction again and fell short of the owners initial hopes of well over $200k https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1972-datsun-240z?utm_source=Others&utm_medium=1972+DATSUN+240Z+-+RACE+CAR&utm_campaign=CCAPAC+>+Boosting&fbclid=IwAR03LTV040Jp5zbnbZaHXgNM5bg-52heyuI7tKQU47QwRt3M07ue4DsiLiU
  4. I saw that he was going to be selling G-nose kits for the S130Z, just didnt realise he bought yours! That's cool
  5. haha I thought about buying that! pretty sure it is OEM, suitable for a 260z, for reference: https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1974-nissan-fairlady-z-gs30-2-2
  6. Some pics from Highball, the turn out was huge, and there was about 8x S30s on the day. I drove up with @Mike260 and another mate in his GF8 WRX There were a few photographers out on the day too: https://www.instagram.com/p/CeYKDASp2GW/
  7. Day before Highball Cars & Coffee @ Bosch HQ, time to change the tiny jelly bean wheels that I borrowed to pass roadworthy New wheels are 16x8 0 offset. Tires are 205/55/16 Bridgestone RE003s To give you an idea about clearance to the front struts (car is lowered at the front):
  8. 20220501_130858.mp4 Even @gav240z enjoyed driving the V8! Next up, a trip upto Dave's @KatoKid place to buy some wheels he listed a few years ago, I always liked them, but then sold my Z at the time, so didnt really have a need for them.
  9. Well, as @C.A.R. asked for an update here (because he really loves the V8 in it!) The Z passed roadworthy, CPS paperwork signed by NDSOC, off to vic-roads, spent 1.5hrs there, not lining up either, but more trying to sort out the M-plates! long story, not for the interwebs. Plates on, quick trip to get groceries: I had taken the Z out a couple of times after it was first registered, mainly to my soccer games on Saturdays if the weather was dry enough, the roads get filthy around here with all of the roadworks.
  10. yep, you did! maybe dont look too close! haha I didnt get a chance to talk to many people either. Got to Mulgrave last minute, and probably left not long after you did.
  11. will be up for sale once i decide to go back to an Lseries I know deep down you like the V8! yes yes, ok, i got lazy as usual
  12. dont mind me. I like all of the S30s, for their own reasons.
  13. Well the 2+2 was apparently more popular back in the day, so is that perhaps the better car
  14. well, on paper, the 260z is technically a better car
  15. needs over riders on the front some how!
  16. I can confirm, the new Z in Blue looks really good on quick glance as it drove past me the other day in the South East suburbs of Melbourne!
  17. Sold at Auction last weekend: https://burnsandco.hibid.com/lot/81445-385350-79424/1976-datsun-260z--fairlady-/ Year: 1976 Make: Datsun Model: 260Z Fairlady Type: 2.8Lt Nissan Engine VIN / Chassis: GRS30015596 Build Date: 12/1976 Odometer Reading: 73814 Kms Showing A very popular make and model… and growing in popularity by the day. Purchased around 17 years ago by the current owner who had it repainted soon after. Original interior. Running a Nissan 2.8Lt engine which has done very little work, mild cam, Tokico shocks, Nardi steering wheel.
  18. There are some on this forum who like the rust bubbles.....not me, but some
  19. Gav's problem is also, he has more than 4x cars!
  20. SO this is why you have been sending me lots of Volvo wagon videos lately! @KatoKid Dave, you have excited @gav240z a bit too much, even it you are putting an LS in! haha
  21. Has an L28. Original engine no where to be seen
  22. I don't know him personally, I just saw him mention on social media a little while ago he was going to sell it or auction it, so I enquired for the fun of it. Way above what I would/could pay for a Z right now. Also, the more I look through the photos, there are more things that I do not like about the car or issues that bug me. which I would happily overlook at it's current price point, or even upto $50k. I must say though, I have not seen the car in person, but I have heard it drive by at Highball Cars & Coffee, very loud
  23. It has a very high reserve, which i do not think it will get remotely close to....
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