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  1. Yes, the bent gear stick does my head in a little, I will most likely get a short shifter kit, which comes with a new lever I believe. It could also be a W58 box
  2. Once I got the car back home, it was just a matter of waiting for the new seatbelts and finding the time to put them back in. We choose to get both sides rewebbed so they matched and were both new, seeing as they are the main safety device in the car, it was a no brainer. Seatbelt king supplied new reels in the end as legally they are not allowed to re-sew these, but they do use the rest of the old hardware. The new ones do not have the locating pin, hopefully this wont be an issue, as when I installed the new reels with the newly supplied bolts, they came loose when you slightly twisted them, so I used the old bolts and havent had any issues. Of course the little one wanted to jump in help Next up was to tackle the headlights, so swapped out the headlight switch, and they seemed to work for the first couple of days, and then passenger side was bright, but te drivers side was very dull. I cleaned out the connectors to the switch, seemed good, but then played up. The RWC mechanic said he would take a look at it for as well, turned out, a loose connection at the headlight........phew!
  3. Thanks Dave! It's a Supra 5-speed, but I do not know which variant as, I havent really bothered looking into it as yet, as I figured I dont need to do anything to it at this stage.
  4. I see this after I have uploaded all of my photos! ooops lol
  5. Well this might be the reason: And as you would expect from the fuel tank & filter New sender has since been installed and the fuel tank has been cleaned out, dried and re-installed:
  6. New engine mounts & bolts, and you can also see the restricted exhaust and where it was very close to the steering arm, although kind of hard to tell from this angle: Off to the exhaust shop next Next, to work out why the fuel gauge wasnt moving.....
  7. So now I had to wait for my turn in the shop. First job, new bonnet safety latch fitted: Then to the door seals/rubbers The gearbox mount was slightly modified to stop metal hitting metal and causing vibrations. It was then blasted and painted:
  8. Part of me wants to work on the heathen, the low down torque is nice and it's actually a nice cruiser, also sounds decent. So it will stay put for now, my main thing was to get a decent 2-seater body and worry about the rest later. As a family, we need to look at a bigger house, and as a car Z owner, one with a bigger garage! I kind of thought of Gavin as the Godmother, or a Mother Nature of Zs if you will.....
  9. Don't laugh at me, wait until I get you to cut my guards............ I also know you now want a V8 Z to go racing in! You heard it here first folks. Full disclosure, Gavin has since driven the car, and thoroughly enjoyed it's quirkiness compared to an Lseries
  10. So as a few of you would know, I made the decision to sell my 2+2 (https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/16813-neds-z-76-22/) early 2020, as I felt that I would need to spend too much money to get it to the stage that I would be some what happy with, and with a little one on the way and the wife buying a new car, it just made sense to me to make way in our single car garage. This finally sold in April 2020 just after we got out of Melbourne's first lockdown. Now for those who like long stories: As most people with the Z bug, I never actually stopped looking for another Z, preferably 2-seater (most have always been out of my budget), or if the right 2+2 appeared, I would still be happy, but this was not at the front of my mind during 2020. We all know prices started to creep up, and then we got of lockdown for the summer, I started paying more attention! April 2021 came around, an orange 260z appeared on Facebook for $40k I believe, but sold the same day. It was that day the wife and I discussed a budget should something like that appear on the market again. The seller also had a white 2+2 for sale as well, so I thought I'd go have a look. Not my thing, but he had another 2-seater, but as I umm'd & ahhh'd, it sold later that day. DOH! After chatting with Gavin, I decided to put a wanted ad on facebook and gumtree with a budget of $40k for a Z I could essentially hop in and drive. A couple of projects, some rust buckets and a couple of Zs for $70-90k. Then one guy just NW of Melbourne, messaged me and said lets talk. I have a white 260z (originally silver) with a 4.4L V8 from a Leyland P76, he sent me some pictures and had a decent price range around my budget. I was a bit snobbish about the idea of the motor, and we also just went into yet another lockdown, so I kept the conversation open and said we will organise inspection after lockdown. He said no worries, I am not in a rush, and I am not going to list it. He wasnt even looking to sell it, but saw my wanted ad, I guess they work. I message him early December to see if he still wanted to sell, and he said he will let me know in a couple of weeks, so I reached out again and he gave me a non-negotioable price under my budget. Sweet! Organised to go have a look at it with the Z Godfather, and to both our surprise, the body was in very good condition and barely modified to fit the motor, and currently on club permit with the motor. We agreed on price, and said he will hold it until I am ready to collect it. January came around, picked up the car and took it to a mechanic, who said it wouldnt be an issue with the motor regarding the RWC, he would give me a list of things I needed to fix, and he also got the carbie sorted, so she starts up first time. Then the fun started, he did some work on the motor and the carbie, got it running, then tells me he wont give me a RWC without an engineers cert. (Car has previously been registered and on CPS with this motor, so not really his concern). Off to another mechanic, and the list of things to fix was relatively small compared to what I was expecting. - drivers side seatbelt freyed - door rubbers - tires cracked - bonnet safety catch missing - gearbox mount hitting metal - engine mounts to be replaced (standard 260z mounts) - exhaust too close to the steering arm (less than 15mm, could cause binding) - headlights not working (headlight switch and also loose connection at drivers side headlight) (The Japanese Torana)
  11. I can feel the hatred from here! But one tends to wonder, perhap you actually like working on things you despise..... On another note, will you be cutting the guards for the flares on this one?
  12. This 2+2 should be interesting to watch. https://www.shannons.com.au/auctions/2022-shannons-autumn-timed-online-auction/O4CMDCJQLE16FN82/ The floor mats are very interesting
  13. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/532465774742949/ $59k Rare 2 seat 1976 Datsun 260Z currently set up for speed events and classic rally. Car has had a recent closed door paint job, no rust. New (less than 100km) L28 2.8L NA motor Datsun LLC import, 5 speed transmission. 45mm twin SU carb, billet aluminium fuel rail and high flow fuel pump. Ceramic coated extractors and 3 inch exhaust. ROTA grid 16 inch wheels with new Nankang AR1 R spec tyres. Front 4 pot callipers with vented discs. 2 pot commodore disc brake conversion on rear. Variable braking set-up. Lots of other upgrades. Car could be easily reconfigured for on road use
  14. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1124461191428428/ $100k Fastest street 240z in Australia , 593 atw , 9.8@136 with plenty left in the tank , inbox for details only if your interested https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/965448731011645/ $60k "Unfortunately it’s time to sell the old Girl. She is beautiful and honest and I wish I didn’t have to sell her but due to circumstances it’s time to move her on. It has has the original motor what has been rebuilt and has been machined out to 2.5L. It could do with a tune though. It has had an older restoration at some point by a previous owner. So it’s definitely not perfect but it still turns heads everywhere it goes. Perfect for someone who wants to enjoy it while bringing her back to her former glory. "
  15. There was a very nicely restore 260z with an LCR motor that sold for around $80k last year, barely hit the open market. but yes, some of the cars on the market now are not the nicest examples for the money.
  16. both have been up for a little while, the 1970 has been up for a fair bit longer. Market seems to have slowed down a little, or people only want to pay $80k+ for really well restored S30s.
  17. A few of us messaged last night within an hour. No response and messages left unread. Scam maybe
  18. I reckon I have driven Zs more than you this year
  19. So that's the one time a year you drive your Z?
  20. well, he says the Webers are better than Mikunis.........so take that how you will
  21. I reckon the GR Corolla wont be that much cheaper!
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