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  1. Yep, goes back to my comment in another thread about paying six figure sums for 70's cars that are bound to be rusting from the inside out (unless it has been unpicked and restored as in this topic).
  2. From memory the connection onto the motor could only be placed in two positions, each 180 degrees apart. So this would not result in an issue of the wiper arm parking being 90 degrees out.
  3. Probably most were too far gone to be economically recovered but lots of spares could have been retrieved prior to crushing.
  4. 1975 Datsun 260Z SPORTS Automatic Coupe $27,500 Myrtleford, Vic https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/myrtleford/cars-vans-utes/1975-datsun-260z-sports-automatic-coupe/1280737230 This girl is running and ready for a go over to get her on the road or for a full restoration to become a striking example of the 1970's finest. Previously sold on a hand-shake and we have stored her in our shed in good faith for over 12 months. The buyer has had a change of cirmumstance so she is back on the market. Reluctant sale then and now. Minimal rust - all in repairable places. (see pics) Priced to sell, very collectable and a rare find. We understand the restictions of travel and are happy to supply as much information as we have and more pics if you are interested. Happy to assist with linking you with reputable transport providers if needed. Genuine enquiries only. More pics available. Details: * Is in fair to good condition for her age. * She has been shedded for 20 years but will run * Is original and complete. * Would make a drive car with minimal work: or * a great project for someone wanting to do a full restore. We are restricted to landline - no mobile service here so please ring and leave a message for Fabio or email if you have questions.
  5. As per Monty Python " stone him, stone him"
  6. I suspect you will need to clean out any remaining "foam" (probably using a hacksaw blade or similar) and then try and compress and slide in some new closed cell foam (as CAF mentioned). If the gap is too small to use foam then you could experiment using some "moisture curing, polyurethane glue" - clean and dampen the surfaces and then squeeze on the glue, it expands as it cures so can fill small gaps. Another option maybe getting a strip of mass loaded vinyl to insert into the gap. (photo from an early 260z door - shows original "foam")
  7. Not often you see these : Indicator / wiper switch Datsun 260z https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hoppers-crossing/wrecking/indicator-wiper-switch-datsun-260z/1280598733 I have for sale two (2) 1976 Datsun 260z combination lighting / wiper switches. These are for sale individually, and the horn contact tang is in good condition on both. Both are in good usable condition and are looking for a good home. I am open to look at close near offers. You make the suggestion. The price of $365.00 is for each, not both.
  8. Close but not exactly the same : 30mm x 13mm : https://victoria.meshstore.com.au/expanded-metal/1516-expanded-metal-sheet-30-x-13mm-openings/
  9. Check what rating the circuit breaker is for the power going the the shed - probably is 20amp. Most power outlets installed now are dual 10amp plug points.
  10. Crikey, it looks like a 4Khp unit. Might have to warn Western Power before you switch it on
  11. The interior is in very poor condition as is most of the body, the doors maybe salvageable. Let me know what you are looking for as some items have already been requested/taken.
  12. I will be parting out a 2+2 in the near future (November) and will check if the fuel tank is in a good condition. I understand the 2+2 fuel tank is different to the 2 seater one.
  13. https://www.kbs-coatings.com.au/wp-content/uploads/3-Step-Total-Rust-Eradication-Flow-Chart.pdf or https://por15.com/collections/all-kits/products/stop-rust-kit
  14. If not, I have the same that are surplus to my needs and for sale.
  15. Maybe joining an appropriate car club would help in learning, by word of mouth at club meetings / club contacts, about cars that are available for purchase but not advertised as some people just do not want to have to deal with the unrealistic punters?
  16. Maybe a Needle Scaler would work for the hard to reach areas (where a wire wheel cannot get to) Something like this : https://www.totaltools.com.au/137658-tti-straight-grip-needle-scaler-st2558 A large one being used in one of our "favourite" resto channels *wink* : https://youtu.be/UAzQfd9VPtg?t=146 Edit : On second thoughts, if you can find a good spot blaster (if there is such a thing), then that would probably do a better job.
  17. Didn't they change all this and GST is charged on all imports regardless of the amount? - many sellers include the GST in the invoiced amount. https://www.ato.gov.au/business/international-tax-for-business/gst-on-low-value-imported-goods/information-for-consumers/
  18. Looks much better and in lieu of using HCl acid to dissolve any remaining rust, liberal application(s) of rust converter should complete the prep for cutting out the badly rusted areas and welding in new patch panels. I have seen videos of other 240z restos filling rust through holes by welding but I presume you would need to be sure you would not just enlarge the holes due to the metal being so thin. I'm sure others can provide better advice.
  19. Unless they have had the C.A.F. restoration treatment :-)
  20. And how many of our cars have this insidious rust "infection" quietly eating away from the inside out? - the answer is all of them - it just varies as to how extensive it is :-( And sellers on Carsales want you to pay ~$100k when you have no idea as to what is happening under the shell of the car - crazy!
  21. Zcardepot have some : https://www.ebay.com.au/str/zcardepot?_bkw=280zx+lens Usual killer freight charge considering the price of the item.
  22. Seems every episode gets worse - it will end up being the equivalent of a welded steel jigsaw puzzle !
  23. Yep, should be restricted to vehicles that are classified as "passenger vehicles"
  24. The google translated text may indicate this could be the post restoration price?? Or maybe on top of the purchase price?? The period is 4 to 5 months, and there is no need to wait for up to half a year. It is a system that you pay according to the progress of the work in multiple times instead of lump-sum payment. Body color is free to choose, so please let us know after it makes a successful bid.
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