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  1. ^^^^^ Makes the Z look like a big assed bus compared to the Supra :-( So it is fun because it has poor tyres and therefore traction issues? Need to put on some MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 to make the most of the power?
  2. Auction prices are the only real indicator as the sold price is usually discounted from the advertised price but you never "see" this.
  3. 2+2 Rear bumper https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/magill/auto-body-parts/datsun-260z-2-2-rear-bumper/1294796976
  4. Yep, when my lotto numbers come up : https://greenline.jp/catalogue/bproduct.php?category=engine&subtype=Engine%2C+Head+and+Short+Block+Assemblies&brand=OS+Giken&series=&name=TC24-B1Z+Complete+Engine
  5. The price of a car (well anything) is a function of supply and demand. Stock/OEM restorations are less common and probably appeal more to the "investor" whilst resto-mods are more common and attract the enthusiast-driver. The investors have deeper pockets which combined with the low supply of OEM spec cars results in a price premium.
  6. For that period look ? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/255505302263?hash=item3b7d4d82f7:g:ZZ4AAOSwhjRiZfEK&frcectupt=true Fitting kits show up at the bottom of the ebay advert.
  7. Happy to see that given the interior trim is somewhat incomplete/non original spec.
  8. Sorry, was sold with the shell.
  9. You will need to check if they are the Datsun or British SU round top carbs. This is what a set of the British SU type look like on the Datsun intake manifold.
  10. Assuming it is a reliable runner, another option is the Indian-Pacific MotoRail $625 Perth to Adelaide in 2 days - you collect it and drive to Melbourne
  11. But, you need to be aware that many car carriers will NOT take classic cars (ie >25 years old) or if they do require enclosed transport. You are then left with carriers that are not cheap.
  12. Apologies, when I read you got a new set of triple Weber 45 I assumed they would have been the later Weber 45 152G as these have the 4 progression holes whereas the 152 model only has 3 progression holes. As yours have the 3 progression holes please ignore everything I advised in my post above as this is how I set up my 152G weber carbies. I will edit my post to say it only applies for the 152G type.
  13. Edited to say this only applies to the 152G model weber carb with the 4 progression holes. Assuming you have the Weber 45 152G model and the correct idle jet, emulsion tube etc. etc then the sequence of setting the idle should be : 1) Disconnect the throttle linkages from the carbies so you can accurately set the position of each carbies throttle plate via the idle speed screw 2) Remove one of the screws covering the progression holes on each carby 3) On each carby, adjust the idle speed screw so that the edge of the throttle plate is covering the first progression hole 4) Replace the progression hole plate screws 5) Gently screw in the idle mixture screws until you feel them "tighten" and then screw each one out 2 turns 6) You can now reattach the throttle linkages making sure that when you do they do not move the position of the throttle plate previously set. 7) With things now set up check that if you depress the accelerator pedal it does not try to move the throttle plate beyond the maximum opening (adjust the bolt under the accelerator pedal to limit the travel of the pedal). 8 ) Now try to start the engine (after fully depressing the accelerator pedal 3 times)
  14. Two came off very easily, the third remains on the stud but none look badly rusted.
  15. If you can find it, this seems to be the best replacement of the OEM external window belting : https://www.aveska.com.au/door-belt-extrusion-ma2-2.4-m-length
  16. Not sure how you went with these but these were what was on a '74 260z
  17. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/brigadoon/other-parts-accessories/260z-horn-button/1280921314
  18. Bingo https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/275134488253?hash=item400f4b1ebd:g:uc0AAOSwqM5h7dn7
  19. Try here : https://www.jnsfasteners.com.au/collections/exhaust-studs-and-nuts/products/steel-nuts-m8-x1-25-nissan-qpp-10 Photo does not show the length but this is where I got mine from.
  20. Surprised you did not contact Rob at the Z Factory (Seaford, Melbourne) for the carpets as he probably has what you are after. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/seaford/other-parts-accessories/datsun-260z-carpet-2-seater/1268981270
  21. Yes, I expect a group buy will be the best option to minimise freight costs.
  22. Good to see you here and back into it - looks like you had a good starting point.
  23. Rare as hen's teeth and then they are usually aftermarket reproductions (BlackDragon). I may have an aftermarket one available soon.
  24. Since you did not specify the model : https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/seven-hills/cars-vans-utes/1977-260z-2-2-auto-rolling-shell/1283689026
  25. Probably best to be conservative, in the past parts seemed freely available for a reasonable cost. Now days parts are much harder to find and if you are forced to get them from overseas are expensive when you take into account postage/freight.
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