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  1. Few people looking for these, another white one? https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?stype=0&stypeid=0&kw=Datsun&cid=0&smode=0&lid=3113596&pgn=1&pgs=100#lightbox
  2. 81 on the compliance plate, looks like series 2 with the tail lights.
  3. Yeah I was watching it, auctioneer said it was close to the reserve and they would talk with the final bidder
  4. I don't doubt it's worth it Herbie, more a comment about the state of the market than having a crack mate. Looks like a nice 2+2.
  5. Wow, that's gone up, he was asking $17500 last year.
  6. Anyone chasing a 280ZX, could be worth a look. https://burnsandco.hibid.com/lot/96489179/1982-datsun-280zx-coupe
  7. I drove the car 5 weeks ago and it’s very well sorted, owned by an automotive engineer who is pedantic. I would be surprised if he let it sell for that price at auction having seen it in the flesh. He certainly wasn’t talking figures anywhere near $50k when I saw it. Paint is the only thing letting it down but it’s very straight and lots of hard to find stuff like the mirrors, D hubcaps, lenses etc. I notice it’s still up on gumtree.
  8. https://www.ebay.com.au/i/174753966633?ul_noapp=true Not a Zed but interesting none the less, don't see these much any more.
  9. Not mine https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bedford/cars-vans-utes/1971-datsun-240z/1272625617?ea=18392505&utm_source=trigger&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=saved_search
  10. It's on the website now. https://www.graysonline.com/sale/60010002/motor-vehicles-motor-cycles/sa-classic-cars-bikes-november?spr=true
  11. Yeah, wish it was easier to rego here, no rust in the car either which was a real surprise
  12. Yeah big shame Gav, I have plenty of cars just no Datsun at the moment. Hoping it gets on the road soon.
  13. Good to know, it was last registered in 2001 in ACT, so someone has had luck with it before. Insurance is the same, just had to note it on the policy.
  14. Number on the firewall matches the tag, problem is they do a full inspection here and it reads seats 4 so will raise eyebrows. Been told it shouldn’t be a problem in ACT, WA or Tas but they may seize it here, not keen on that at all.
  15. Not to mention the great sound the N/A L28 makes! Unfortunately I may have to flip this baby as there is no way it will get thru inspection here in Adelaide with that compliance plate. Could try in another state but it won’t fly here. Options are to keep it and turn it into a track car but was really hoping to turn it into a father son project for my lads first car. Open to offers if someone wants to have a try at getting it registered or I may throw it back to auction. It’s a shame as it’s a great little car.
  16. It’s got a L20E in it at the moment, though that may change as I have access to a L28ET.
  17. Yeah, pretty happy with the price, been kicking myself ever since I sold my 260 2 seater 7 years ago so good to be back in a zed.
  18. Looks like I got it, road trip to Melbourne coming up!
  19. Hi All, Not a member but occasionally have a look over here. Anyone know of this car, seems quite rare? https://burnsandco.hibid.com/lot/55971337/1980-nissan-fairlady-coupe--z-
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