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  1. So I picked up these today mounted to a N36 manifold. Apparently 240Z carbies. I didn't do much investigation as they were cheap (could me my first problem) and I thought they looked half likely to be ok with a rebuild and some TLC. The ID tags read AUD 467 L&R which my research leads me to believe they are HS6 SU's which were normally fitted to a Morgan Plus 8 3.5 V8. I take it that its inconceivable that these would have been fitted from new? however am i right in thinking with the correct set up by someone who knows what they are doing, they will be suitable for my L28 fitted 260z?
  2. Thanks Locky, Assuming they will need a rebuild or really good TLC? can you do that for me at some stage when you get a minute? cost? can then have them fitted when i come down for the gearbox & rust work Cheers, Tim
  3. Thanks to @CBR Jeff for the engine mounts - Donation to to website forthcoming from me because of his generosity!!
  4. Thanks both, have sent a PM to each of you. cheers, Tim
  5. Hi everyone, I've decided to keep my 260Z and using the VIC lockdown to get lots of refurb work done, saving money by doing most of it myself. Here a few things that I need and before committing the money to purchase new items I thought I would see what new/used parts are sitting around in Z car land that could help me save some money..... - L28 Headers/Extractors - Round Top SU's - prefer not requiring rebuild. At a stretch I'd love some triples of some sort if there is a good deal to be had? - Standard Brake Booster - not leaking! - Engine mounts - Indicator s
  6. There is a used one on facebook marketplace today in Vic $400. looks to be reasonably good condition
  7. Update here guys.....after a constant stream of facebook and gumtree dreamers, I've decided to keep it and is now getting the love and attention it needs. Have the gearbox for manual conversion, suspension/front end is off and renewing it all during lockdown. I'm definitely not selling now, have fallen back in love with it!
  8. I’ve read about and seen lots of your work....And I have no doubt you could. I’m not sure your business is a charity though!?
  9. Yeah I really felt for him, he sent me a video of it heading off on the truck and I could tell he was pretty upset. I won’t be far away from buying again, I’ve just realised (as I’m sure many have before me) that I need to spend a bit more and get something that I don’t have to work on. Lots of people love a project and turning it in to what they want, I just wanting something to enjoy without the greasy hands every weekend!
  10. The guy From Kalgoorlie who bought it moved To Cairns for a job last year then lost his job and had to sell it just to survive. He’d spent a tonne of cash getting it containered to cairns and then it sat in his garage for 6 months.
  11. Datsun 260z 2+2 Auto - $17500 Chassis GRS30-000516 03/1974 Australian Compliance The car was a regular drive for an elderly guy in Perth, WA, who had done a small restoration. From what I know it was re-painted in the original Light Blue Metallic, had door and window seals, carpets, radiator renewed. I have no idea if the engine was swapped at the same time but it now has an L28 (engine number L28-604966) with P90 head and N36 Intake Manifold with Flat Tops, with most of the SMOG gear taken off. The Auto Gearbox was rebuilt at the same time which I have a receipt for, and i
  12. Thanks very much mate. From my research or your posts, I thought so too but wasn’t confident enough to tell the guy what I thought. Thanks for helping make sure I didn’t waste my time going to see it.
  13. Any help identifying this would be much appreciated. The pics are terrible but I’m told it is a 5 speed from a 180B. I’m trying to find an easy match for my 260z
  14. So my 260z (early ‘74) hasn’t even arrived yet and already I know it needs to be manual! I’ve read (and re-read and re-read) the brilliant posts on here re:conversion and I’m hoping someone might be able to help me out with a gearbox. Would prefer not to do any bellhousing mod’s but let me know what you’ve got.
  15. So I treated myself to a 40th present when I couldn't have a party to celebrate a few weeks back. I've been a Skyline R33 and Stagea 260RS owner amongst other Jap performance stuff in my younger days, got lost to European cars in my 30's and now back to the real classics! This is a 02/74 260z 2+2 Auto Chassis 000516 so its a pretty early build GRS if I have done my research correctly. Its just started the journey from Townsville to Melbourne on a truck today, hopefully have it in 2-3 weeks, dependent on the transport company. I got a huge amount of pics (Yes, got plenty of underbody!) and
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