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Wags’ 240z nut and bolt restoration

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Got some more photos from Locky of CAF. Check out these beautifully gapped panels! Bodywork is almost drawing to a close. Some beautiful work done to this shell thus far.    looking on track, a

Following this was the replacement of both floors. The last 45 years had taken their toll on the floors and the 'patch jobs' done sometime in the 90's wasn't holding up either - new floors & rai

I few more photos of the roof skin fabrication:  

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Got a few details from Les Collins as to the progress of the mechanical parts of the project. 

Firstly I must say, Les is a gentleman to deal with, and very particular about what makes for a good performing zed. I have no hesitation in recommending him and would absolutely go with him again for a zed project. 


Attached below are are some of the works completed and hours put on my engine. Photos hopefully coming soon of the actual finished products.

(Prices removed for confidentiality)








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That's why he's the best, no stone left unturned and people wonder why a good restored car should cost big $$$. It's because to do it right requires a lot of man hours, expertise etc..

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Haven’t been on for a while with updates. Progress is still being made and this little gem arrived in the mail today...


It’s the top of the line retrosound with Bluetooth, Apple connectivity, usb, and internal hide away antenna. Not an exact reproduction, but it’s custom built to be as close as possible. Very happy with how it looks. Exactly in line with the theme of the car which is ‘original but with a few tasteful hidden, and period, modern upgrades’.




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Just received another little gem in the mail from z car depot:

It will be a nice little centerpiece and the craftsmanship just feels amazing.

Had a lot of parts arrive lately. Brand new interior, seat foams, covers, vinyls, interior panels, and many Many other parts. It’s getting expensive but want to do this properly.




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New roof in place. Mastered by none other than Locky Fowler of CAF. There’s work and then there’s art...this is the latter! 

The car is not far off paint now. 

Les Collins of LCR should be sending photos soon. He is doing engine rebuild and mods, gearbox rebuild and mods, diff, brakes upgrade, suspension Upgrade, and clutch upgrade for me.




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Yes the work done at CAF is pretty remarkable. What Locky can do with metal defies belief...all I can do with metal is hit bad golf shots with it. 

Some more progress shots with some more parts going on. The gapping process is underway.

Hopefully getting some progress shots from LCR very soon.



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Here’s a few more photos from the hard working experts at Les Collins Racing. Well within sight of the finish line for the power train now. 

The head is ported and we are having seats cut and surfacing work done.

Then it will get water blasted and look a million $.








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42 minutes ago, Wags said:

Original Bumpers on the way to be stripped, straightened and re-chromed. The reproduction bumpers were not suitable and didn’t follow the curvature of the car.


Front bars fit fine.

Rear ones don't fit across the back of the valance.

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Just got some photos from Les Collins. 

CC head almost finished for assembly (attached) 

Koni yellow shocks Complete and all ready to go back to CAF.

getting some great momentum now in this project that is very dear to me and my old man.



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Oh, and made my final order of parts from the z store. Literally the only things I need now are high end coaxial speakers and a nardi deep corn steering wheel. Other than those I have bought all the parts required to replace just about everything inside and outside other than bumpers, Some panels, glass, dash and console....all of which are getting or done being restored.

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