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  1. We have colour! Ferrari Rosso Corsa Red. My camera makes it look washed out & more white then it actually is - I can assure everyone it is very, very RED! Next the doors & guard jambs will be painted, then they well get bolted on, we'll sand the primer to 400g dry. After that it goes into the booth for top colour I'm hoping to have paint on it in 2 weeks...
  2. Yes. And no. L24 rods are 3mm longer, so it improves the piston pin height. Just depends on what you trying to do...
  3. A long shot, but... Does anyone have a relatively straight, rust free-ish 2+2 body shell they'd be willing to sell? This customers body shell is beyond economical repair, so we are wanting to reshell it. PM me or call if you can assist: zero four zero zero zero five four five seven two
  4. Contact Tim Wilkins at SSS Automotive in Sydney - I'm sure he'll have one available.
  5. My freight forwarder tells me sea freight prices are slowly coming down & he expects mid next year the prices will be back down to more reasonable levels.
  6. Are you intending on building an all out competition engine?
  7. I dont agree with that at all. There is only 1kg difference in weight between the L6 & LD crank. The RB30 crank isn't great in high hp/rpm use either - lots of machining and welding is required to make it fit the L-Gata block and it can make it less durable over time & use.
  8. Nice 240Z. Perhaps give us some more details of it's history & modifications (if any)?
  9. One other job Mr S asked us to do was weld in this Apex Engineering fender braces to stiffen up the front end a bit:
  10. Lots of fettling, farnarkling, slapping & spooning, the body now has 4 coats of primer on it. Unfortunately due to circumstances outside my control, we had to paint it in the workshop - not ideal but it worked out OK. Now to 400g the door jams in preparation for colour... Panels are being primed shortly, then the doors & guards will go back on. Then we have the fun job of 240g then 400g sanding the primer back in preparation for topcoat in COB...
  11. It's a steel bulk ring, close ratio 260Z gearbox. Stew at SW Motorsport can sell you new Nissan bulk rings (synchros), but make sure you are sitting down when he tells you the price... He can also sell you the required bearings, gasket & O-rings. I'd personally convert it to brass synchros.
  12. The bleck plates go between the front sway bar shackle & chassis rail. The long gold plates are hatch hinge shims. I cant recall what the penny washers are for.
  13. Due to the impending wet weather forecast for this coming weekend, we are rescheduling the BBQ to the 27th Nov. All other details remain the same.
  14. The long range weather forecast for next Sunday is looking a bit crap - we 'may' reschedule for the Saturday (19th). I'll let everyone know mid next week.
  15. If you bought the kit from Stew, talk to him about your concern.
  16. And featuring our very own Mr Hung Lo! @hmd
  17. Les Collins in Vic. If Les cant help, https://www.northvicparts.com.au/
  18. Speak to Stewart at https://www.swmotorsport.com.au/.
  19. C.A.R.

    Harmonic Balancers

    If you spend a lot of time in low RPM ranges, you might have a problem with the alternator charging. Stew Wilkins sells an larger pully/hub adaptor to rectify this issue.
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