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The Ebay Thread #2 - Post Ebay Parts Here!

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We have the 'Z Police' for that. They stop you and count the spotwelds on your radiator support panel. God help you if you've got the wrong type of screws holding your cowl finisher down...

Slightly blurred lines in Japan regarding the legality of removing/owning/selling identities in this way, but 100% illegal to pin it on another car. And correctly so. S30-series Zs were 'unibody'

You’ve got a sickness Gav. When you’re driving your car, you can’t see the tail lights.

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Starting to unpick this rear quarter section. Was lucky enough to get this entire cut for $1,300 shipped from Japan in Aus!!

Has rust in the usual spots but is free from any major damage. Luckily it includes all of the inner panels as well which I'll need for my build. Any sections I don't need, I'm happy to sell off to anyone in need. 


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If you have a spare 90-100k:

Auto translate:
"It is extremely rare. It was secured as a spare at the time of the latter half of 1950, and was stored indoors in the garage as an object for spare O / H. It is the head K4. It will be the price of the main body 1..2.3 It will be an image. NC. After confirming with NR, we will ship by our shipping service.  Consumption tax is also a bargain at our expense. Since it is a very rare item, it will be shipped after confirming your account. I'm lonely because I'm old. There are still a few engine parts left, including new ones. Please contact us. Please contact us at the question corner. We cannot send direct emails. TEL If you can tell us, we will consult with you. .. Oil pump, front cover .. engine metal genuine., Chain idler gear valve guide, 2 registers, oil pressure gauge unit, etc., 3 O / H genuine cabs and port polished maniset are on sale. Prompt decision has a bonus for stock parts. We also accept consultations.







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1 hour ago, Dionysus said:

Billet Rb blocks are around 15k so the price rise would never be warranted against a stock rb26

In saying that they will always be in demand. 

I was half serious really, but S20 motors now have reproduction cylinder heads available and that hasn't dampened the price of original complete S20s. In fact they have only increased. I suspect in part because the head isn't the hardest part to find anymore..it's actually a lot of the ancillaries and the blocks/crank etc..

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