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  1. Me three, even a set of written instructions would be helpful !
  2. Just saw a post on bookface regarding the results of the BH Auction cars that Gavin posted back on 24 November. The 1973 KPGC110 GT-R went for 47,300,00 Yen ( AUS $623,000) The 1971 KPGC10 GT-R went for 33,880,000 Yen (AUS $ 446,000) The Z432 went for 16,280,000 Yen (Aus $215,000) But the big one, the Z432R went for 88,550,000 Yen (AUS $ 1,166,000) ! https://bhauction.com/result/tokyo-terrada-january/lots/
  3. Mine is number 1555 and had the following marking, but mine was on the firewall, painted over now.
  4. Vipco in Castle Hill (a Sydney suburb) has dashmats for the 240Z. I seem to remember only paying about $80 for mine a couple of years ago. One of the gents working there was from Kenya and mentioned that he knew Lofty Drews from when they both lived there.
  5. Relatively cheap compared to recent offerings of these radios !
  6. MSA sells the reproduction wheels for US $400. Compared to that, the kiwi one looks a bargain when shipping is added to both.
  7. Doesn't appear to be a single crack in the dashboard either !
  8. Maddat in South Australia has them for 240's. http://www.maddat.com.au/suspension/240z-260z-s30
  9. USA cars got the flattops from about June 1972 240Z's onwards.
  10. Be interesting to see how accurate the estimate is for the Kenmeri GTR. $960 K to $1,350 K !!!
  11. So it was you parked over with the Bolwells ! I was next door with the Morgans with my father's (previously mine) red MR2. Would have been in the Z if finished, or my Morgan except I took it off rego for a bit of a rebuild. Kept meaning to go for a look but kept bumping into old friends !
  12. The first is not actually a dealer sticker, but does anyone have any recollection of the club? I think this is the original dealer sticker still on the rear window - if anyone can confirm. Am looking at keeping both on when the window goes back on the car.
  13. Kuba, The load rating of 85 equates to a max carrying weight per tyre of 515 kg, with 91 equating to 615 kg per tyre. So unless your car weighs over 2000 kg, the tyres ore OK with regards to load rating. The below link shows a load index table showing the relevant numbers: https://www.bobjane.com.au/info/load-index-speed-symbol/
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