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  1. USA cars got the flattops from about June 1972 240Z's onwards.
  2. Be interesting to see how accurate the estimate is for the Kenmeri GTR. $960 K to $1,350 K !!!
  3. So it was you parked over with the Bolwells ! I was next door with the Morgans with my father's (previously mine) red MR2. Would have been in the Z if finished, or my Morgan except I took it off rego for a bit of a rebuild. Kept meaning to go for a look but kept bumping into old friends !
  4. The first is not actually a dealer sticker, but does anyone have any recollection of the club? I think this is the original dealer sticker still on the rear window - if anyone can confirm. Am looking at keeping both on when the window goes back on the car.
  5. Kuba, The load rating of 85 equates to a max carrying weight per tyre of 515 kg, with 91 equating to 615 kg per tyre. So unless your car weighs over 2000 kg, the tyres ore OK with regards to load rating. The below link shows a load index table showing the relevant numbers: https://www.bobjane.com.au/info/load-index-speed-symbol/
  6. After reading the description of all the work done on this car, I think the word "Custom" must have been the word of the day on his calendar (used 12 times throughout the ad) .
  7. Just curious but I wonder why the quarter vent holes have been covered over ? I had noticed that the second post had pics with the holes still there, and what looked like new 240Z badges instead of the Z's.
  8. I wonder where the hose that is coming out of the thermostat housing is going to ?
  9. Just had a closer look at Cracker's original picture and it appears that he has 4 screw carbies. It seems that the three screw carbies have an entirely different choke cable clamping mechanism to the later carbs. The 260 flattop's P clamp and plate is somewhat similar to the three screw roundtops. So it appears that the P clamp off the flattops are only good on the three screw carbs. Be nice if someone could confirm this. Brad
  10. Looks like the brackets that the P clamp attach to are quite different from the 240 to 260 carbs (240 on left)
  11. Just had another look at the clamps. The 240Z clamp is 21 mm long whereas the 260z flattop clamp is 26 mm long. It appears that the flattop clamp has a longer adjustment slot for the screw.
  12. Had a look at a couple of old flattops sitting in the back of the garage. I think they were both off the same car. Someone correct me if I am wrong but these 260 flattops have the choke mechanism on the RHS of both carbs, whereas the 240 carbs are RHS on the front carb and LHS on the rear carb. The screw that holds the P onto the bracket appears to have a captive screw. If so, I have a couple of No. 1's available.
  13. When I painted my car almost two years ago, I decided to keep the original 904 white. I bought the paint from a supplier at Girraween in Sydney, it appears that Infiniti is still using that colour but is now known as Moonstone.
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