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  1. Never understood sellers that ask on the high side, but don't provide any photos to show the value. Only one pic and not a terribly clear one at that.
  2. Geez Locky, if that only got runner up, I can't get my head around how outstanding the winner must have been ! You have done an amazing job there.
  3. Have had the dashboard out of my 240 lately and thought I should get a shot of the inscription on the dash column support before it goes back in the car. 71 model chassis HS 001555, 904 White manual Would have included the glovebox markings but they are too faint now...
  4. More likely the barn has collapsed on it !
  5. I bought one from Rockdale Nissan a few years ago. Wasnt the original part number obviously, but was for a 200SX. Same dimensions, just had to snip off the connectors on the switch and crimp on connectors to suit. This was on my original A gearbox, which I then transferred over to the B gearbox I installed. Works fine.
  6. Just checked mine, its the same colour, but is only 430 mm long when flat
  7. I was a bit annoyed when he took the easy way out with the steering wheel. Looks like he replaced it with a Mustang wheel. Pity he also didn't try to resurrect the original wheels... Other than that, a lot easier than our restorations !
  8. Best investment I made was a set of these screwdrivers. Rhino Tools at Heathcote (NSW) have them: https://rhinotools.com.au/product-category/electricians-tools/screwdrivers/ For the workshop manuals, try: http://www.xenonzcar.com/s30/fsm.html The manuals are for US spec cars but for dismantling they should help. They have a manual for the 74 260Z. Hope this helps.
  9. All 57 sold already ! At $1.00 each, pretty understandable...
  10. Me three, even a set of written instructions would be helpful !
  11. Just saw a post on bookface regarding the results of the BH Auction cars that Gavin posted back on 24 November. The 1973 KPGC110 GT-R went for 47,300,00 Yen ( AUS $623,000) The 1971 KPGC10 GT-R went for 33,880,000 Yen (AUS $ 446,000) The Z432 went for 16,280,000 Yen (Aus $215,000) But the big one, the Z432R went for 88,550,000 Yen (AUS $ 1,166,000) ! https://bhauction.com/result/tokyo-terrada-january/lots/
  12. Mine is number 1555 and had the following marking, but mine was on the firewall, painted over now.
  13. Vipco in Castle Hill (a Sydney suburb) has dashmats for the 240Z. I seem to remember only paying about $80 for mine a couple of years ago. One of the gents working there was from Kenya and mentioned that he knew Lofty Drews from when they both lived there.
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