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  1. Hi all Really looking forward to getting this project moving and getting all of your input and advice along the way! Names Ryan, I have been a lurker on here for a very many years now. I am the long time owner of a 1971 240z here in Perth. Vin is HS30-001063 I have owned the car for 10 years. When I bought the car it was in rough condition, tried to get it running to enjoy for a while but the previous owner had neglected it too much. So I decided not to waste money or time and wait for a ground up resto. Then it took me 8 years to find a decent space to start the resto (my dads
  2. Here is my project journal for the restoration of my 73 Datsun 240z. The car was bought by my dad in 1974. The original owner bought it only to find out that his partner was pregnant with his first child. Needless to say, the 2 seater had to go. My dad was the lucky new owner and bought it with less than 1000miles on the clock. My dad and his 240z were inseparable. So much so, that my brothers and sister more or less grew up in that car. He loved that car from the first time he drove it and he still talks about it. It was his pride and joy and almost became a friend he could journey
  3. 432 Style Exhaust - Vertical Twin Tip - Brands and Where To Buy Fujitsubo Manifold Back Exhaust System (Manifold also available) Part Num: 750-15411 Manufacturer Website: https://www.fujitsubo.co.jp/prods/detail/000000000000000979/00000000000000002324/00000546 Purchase RHD Japan - https://www.rhdjapan.com/fujitsubo-legalis-r-exhaust-muffler-s30-gs30-hs30-hs30h.html White Head Performance - https://whiteheadperformance.com/product/fujitsubo-legalis-r-exhaust-system-datsun-240z-260z-280z-s30/ Nengun - https://www.nengun.com/fujitsubo
  4. I've finally graduated out of the bus brigade (refer my other project, which is now a parts car)! I bought this daily driven car off of Datsfreak. Funny enough I bought his brother's 260Z 2+2 ex-daily too. Small world! It's number 629 which I think is reasonably low for a 240? It is pretty stock apart from the mega cool Rota RBs and exhaust. It did have a full resto in the 90's though (thanks Datsfreak for the car history!). I cleaned it up on the weekend and took some photos with the digi SLR... I haven't even owed the car a week and I already ha
  5. 240z rust free rolling shell All rust completely removed New chassis rails, strengthen, lengthen and dog legs up towards the rear All new bushes Tunnel widen Rear tyre well cut out and new floor replaced ready for a fuel cell RB26 + gear box out of a R32. i drove the car before it was pulled out. Motor runs well. $25,000- Chee-ky Dunlop: 0422 910 881 (for all serious inquires only) inspections welcome.
  6. Hi Guys, I've been starting to put my own car back together, and found that all 4 assy's I have (or can currently find) are heat damaged, warped or otherwise slightly butchered. So I've done the look around to see what I can buy from US or overseas, and not too much has presented itself, except some repros which are not exactly well priced. Unless someone here is sitting on a NOS item they would gladly part with?? (worth a try). Im just at ends as even some of the nicest cars have wonky, distorted and curved units. I've looked at making them (the covers) by fabricating from
  7. Hi Gents, I have an early model hatch on my 73 240 (see pics). It appears to be in good condition and I only want to remove it because I want to put a hatch that is true to its age on. Was going to use it but…… I am hoping someone has a hatch (in the reverse situation) that we could work out a trade arrangement with - but will look to sell it if not. Please note that these photos are from a year or so ago and prior to unbolting from car. It is now wrapped up and stored away, however, I will get out and take better photos should someone have interest. My number
  8. Hi guys, got 2 twin su’s for sale first one is a dome top twin su, looks to be 240z but can’t find any markings saying it’s a hitachi. Maybe British? Off a Alpha or Rover? Plus the top looks abit short to be hitachi. Comes on a L6 manifold. Unknown condition. Butterfly and linkages moves freely. I’m after $300, offers welcome. second one is a 260z flat top twin su emissions type. Unknown condition. Butterfly and lingakes move freely. Got all the hoses for it. I’m after $200 for this one, or offers Pictures attaches below pick up south east vic
  9. With the decision to have the engine sorted out and triples fitted the current carb setup is for sale to help fund the project. Car was running with the current setup before being parked 18months ago and currently having trouble starting again. Dirty and could do with a clean but complete along with filters that are missing from picture. Can even come with the super custom heatsheild if desired lol. Totally custom one of a kind. Was thinking $400 but not sure on the whole market for these so happy to talk price up or down lol. Pickup in hornsby area NSW.
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to post happy for this to be moved. I am about to get started on a fix up of the old girl, has't been run for over 15 years, so today I ZedStart.mp4 took off the rocker cover and was pleasantly surprised how clean it was there even was a small amount of oil on the cam shaft. Using a borescope in each cylinder I couldn't see any corrosion I could even see the hone marks from when it was rebuilt previously. Anyway i poured some new oil over the cam, removed the spark plugs and gave each cylinder a small squirt of oil. spun the engine
  11. Hey Guys Just had a look in this section but I couldn't find anything with people having issues with fitting their spindle pins in. So I have had the rear control arms painted, struts powder coated and the pins brass enamel coted. We tried to fiddle around and slide the pins in a little but they wouldn't go in both the struts or the control arms. Could the coating be the issue or ar they generally difficult to get in. Just worried they wont go in at all on Monday and then we would need to sandblast the pins to see if they fit. Anyone have a issue with theirs Chee
  12. 1971 Datsun 240z with CAMS Group Sc Logbook FOR SALE Fast, reliable car developed over many years of racing, very straight, and completely rust free. Ready to race in group s, or would make a great tarmac rally car. Given the condition of the body, it would also make a great restorer (though not nearly as fun!). Selling the old girl will be like taking a piece of my heart out, but I haven’t driven it once since the kids came along, and I want someone else to take over and hopefully get as much fun out of it as I’ve had. Rest assured I’ll be cheering you on
  13. Hi guys, Im in the process of doing an rb25 swap into my 240z and was wondering if anyone knows of someone who makes modified oil sumps for this swap so I can buy. I noticed a guy named Nat0 was making them but I havent been able to get in contact with him. does anyone have his details so I can contact him or know of anyone else who does these? thanks Jezz
  14. Hey guys. Unsure how I will go with this search but need a complete set of original belts for a 1973 240z including buckles as well. I will be getting the belts reconditioned so if anybody has a set laying around I am keen to grab them and pay postage. Cheers
  15. Need a passenger side front guard... preferably no holes
  16. Hi guys, I have 2 cars that have cloth seats: 1970 240z 1973 240z I'm wondering if these were original or not? The attached pictures show seats for my 1970 &1973 240Z. If these were original equipment is there anyone that does new seat covers in cloth? I've talked to a few people who believe cloth was original. thanks John
  17. Looking for a 240z airbox for my carburetors Will pay for shipping Australia wide Located in 3078 VIC You can contact me via PM or 0401338094
  18. Looking for original 240z carburetors complete set up with fuel rail, air box, manifold etc. Located in VIC, Alphington 3078 but happy to pay postage My number is 0401 338 094 as I may not see a message on the forum
  19. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to trade my 2006 VW Golf 2.0TDI, which is in great nick, for a 240z or 260z 2 seat. Now Im not looking for a pristine car as I understand that is a completely unreasonable trade. What I am looking for is a car that needs some work but can be run for my small trips to uni and around my suburb. I could make some cash adjustments but would like to make a straight trade if possible. I am of course not fussy about what is under the hood as long as it runs ok. This will be an ongoing project for my dad and I to work on together. I was looking to get one 5 or so
  20. FS: Pair of rear quarter windows suit 240Z, 260Z: Excellent condition, stainless trim & glass unmarked. Asking $150 the pair - pick up from Calamvale 4116. Postage interstate extra - they weigh about 3kg. PM me your address & I'll check postage cost. 240Z/260Z rear Quarter Windows $150 Also: 1 x Rear number plate mounting bracket $25 - pick up from Calamvale 4116 or request postage cost to your address. 240Z Rear Number Plate Mounting Bracket $25
  21. Hi all, I am very new to this forum (joined today), and Im seeking advice on a replacement compressor for my 240z with factory delivered aircon. The auto electrician I am using to overhaul the aircon says that the original compressor brand/type can no longer be sourced. Does anyone have a recommendation for a brand/type of compressor that could be used as a replacement (noting mounting points would need to be the same). Regards Lance
  22. I've been chasing a decent L24 to replace my JDM L20A. One has come up but it is an L24 form a 240K. Is there any disadvantage to not having one that came from a 240Z? I've read that the position of the bowl sump is different (K's have front bowl sumps, Z's rear). The set up I'm looking at also has an N42 head, which I don't think came stock with any 240K's. Cheers.
  23. I desperately need a Wiper Motor and Switch for my 240Z Sadly it's undriveable in the rain due to this. Please assist - thanks - Fabian Ph (03) 9836-9567 or feyone@ihug.com.au
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