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  1. Hi guys, Im in the process of doing an rb25 swap into my 240z and was wondering if anyone knows of someone who makes modified oil sumps for this swap so I can buy. I noticed a guy named Nat0 was making them but I havent been able to get in contact with him. does anyone have his details so I can contact him or know of anyone else who does these? thanks Jezz
  2. I agree Richard and yes I will be doing all those upgrades. I haven't done an RMS check as yet, I did however speak to my mechanic who is aware about all of this and did mention that everything needs to be stock with no mods to begin with until it gets approved. Hes done hundreds of builds so im taking his word for it. But now that you have brought that in converstaion it making me think twice so i will look into this just to be safe, thank you.
  3. Hi, thanks for getting back to me so promptly, I'll probably be going with the Mckinney engine and tranny mounts. That's what I was worried about the AWD, need to do a little more research on that topic. I have a 240Z that I just finished doing all the metal work, no more rust, 3 months of hard labour. I've had the car sitting in the carport for nearly 7 years now and I'm adamant to get it on the road with a nice set up. I was initially thinking the R33 gtst but I had a guy talk me out of it and told me to go the R34 NEO. GTR is out of the question, however thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Hi guys, My name's Jerry and its my first time on this site. Im hoping to get some information on my conversion. I have done a bit of research but was unable to find much on this specific conversion. I found a thread in Hybrids.org but wasnt sufficient information. Can anyone please tell me if you have attempted to swap a Nissan Stagea R34 NEO into a 1973 240Z? If anyone has any information on this conversion including maybe an extras checklist, engine mounting/tunnel mods if needed and AWD that would be really helpful. Thank you.
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