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  1. Cliff

    WTB: 240z/260z

    It's funny - I recently sold a 240 and when listed on EBay I literally had over 20 people message me saying 'I will give you 10K or 12K cash tomorrow' (even after the price was higher than 12k), and telling me how crap my car was and that I needed to give them a quick answer otherwise they were going to buy something else. At the end of the day, the price is the point at which a buyer and seller agree. Some people get a deal, some don't. I tried to get a 2+2 last week but we could not agree on price, that said, I think he will end up with his asking. It will just take me a while to realise a good 2+2 is worth more than I want to currently pay, and if I am honest with myself, I will ending up probably just paying more.
  2. Hi Guys, Some of my shit for sale - will have more coming up as i clear out my garages and sort between XB and Z parts. Text me on 0418onezerosix613 if interested in anything pictured here (hope this works upload works, but if there is no photos...............). F54 block - no idea of conditions, has had a life both inside and outside of my garage for about 100 years. 250? L26 as pictured - no idea of condition but id assume it was not removed from car because it ran so well - 50? Airbox (needs a tidy up) 150? maniford and carbs 150? Flaps 25 for pair Prefer text them DM. Everything is pick up caloundra.
  3. Hi Linton. No sorry i don't.
  4. Hi mate - yep all sold. Now going to sell my 240 parts and snot and look for a finished 2+2 to buy and enjoy. Don't have the time anymore to do a restoration.
  5. Yes it has been sold.
  6. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174327232370 Had to relist it due to having the wrong location in the original add and could not modify once bid on.
  7. Had to relist as eBay still had me as living in Perth and i could not change the location - FML! New add https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174327232370
  8. It's been well over 2 years but i have now listed this car on evilbay. Wanted to not use eBay but had a few offers (from Facebook etc) that were miles apart i have been out of the market for so long I have NFI. Hopefully it finds a good home soon;
  9. Sent you a FB message
  10. Hi guys. Looking for a centre console for my 73 240. Prefer SEQ. My number is 0400 49five 366
  11. Nice car. Good luck with your sale
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