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  1. Hi Gents, I have an early model hatch on my 73 240 (see pics). It appears to be in good condition and I only want to remove it because I want to put a hatch that is true to its age on. Was going to use it but…… I am hoping someone has a hatch (in the reverse situation) that we could work out a trade arrangement with - but will look to sell it if not. Please note that these photos are from a year or so ago and prior to unbolting from car. It is now wrapped up and stored away, however, I will get out and take better photos should someone have interest. My number is 0400495366. Thanks Cliff
  2. Cliff

    Wanted - Rear Struts

    I have complete set up for both front and back if of any use.
  3. Ok thanks for your thoughts guys. I will likely get her on sale soonish.
  4. Hi guys, Can you guys help determine what this car is worth. Looking at selling another of my cars so I can tip some funds into my other rebuild as money is my hold up. The car is a 73 240z 5 speed manual with a L26 in it. The motor runs but has been sitting in my garage for a few years so it is no get in and drive. Brakes and clutch need overhaul. Body is good, the door skins need replacing or repairing. The guards in the photos are just sitting on (that why the gaps) as I’ve had them off inspecting – all good. There is rust under the batter tray but I have a new battery tray section to go with the car. There is no windscreen – it was cracked so I pulled out to check for rust but it is all good. The dash looks like my face and needs more than Botox. Car is a project and needs a full restore but is a good starting point. Appreciate your insight. Cliff
  5. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-cbd/wheels-tyres-rims/datsun-240z-hubcaps/1151661907 Guess it's one of you lot.,
  6. Depends - what is the scope you need done? Big difference from just pulling a trigger to doing prep also. The prep is the money and result. Prep is why so many home paint jobs look crap - not just painting skill.
  7. I sorta like it but feel like I am bad for saying it.
  8. Postage is free because it is pick up only??
  9. Cliff

    Wanted 240Z

    Yep no drama. I will send you a message with my details.
  10. Yeah saw them on Ebay, shame I can't get there weekdays They also have/had some side windows advertised on Ebay that looked in ok condition.
  11. Wow. Come have a holiday in QLD and spend 5 hours at my place!!!! Well done! I am dreading this job.
  12. Cliff

    Wanted 240Z

    Yeah mate. I am home all weekend other than Saturday afternoon I will be out (after 2pm).
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