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  1. The Nikki pump I've been talking about is on my 1971 car. I guess they were something that was replaced over time anyway.
  2. Hi everyone, Finally got some resolution to the NIKKI fuel pump dilemma. I received a new pump with the components to rebuild my old NIKKI, this all worked fine until I put it in the car. The pump did not work. I eventually found that I was not getting any fuel from the fuel tank. I blew compressed air into the fuel lines to no avail. When I bought the car I removed all the old fuel about 25 litres and replaced this with fresh fuel. With no real answers I eventually succumbed to removing the tank. Emptying the tank I found the fresh petrol was black then orange. I managed to get out about 25 litres. On removing the tank straps I found that there was even more fuel in the tank, another 25 litres. The fuel was saturated with black tar like substance and orange looking crystals a bit like sugar. A little reading and apparently this is what happens to old fuel. I also read that caustic soda in hot water breaks down this substance at a molecular level. I also read that the mechanical breakdown of the really hard material in the bottom of the tank could be achieved by placing old chain and off cuts of steel and old bolts into the tank and shacking it about. What I found was that there was a thick layer of black to orange material in the bottom of the tank subsequently blocking the fuel pickup pipe. About 7 hours later and at least three soakings with Caustic soda in hot water and much shacking about I managed to finally obtain free flow through the fuel pickup. Yes it nearly killed me. With this all apart I now have a painted tank and straps and new fuel lines and breather hoses installed. For the final clean I left the tank out in the sun over the weekend to dry out and found more orange material loose in the tank, so I placed the chain back in the tank dry and chock it all about to loosen any other material. Once happy I removed all the loose material. The tank is now back in the car and today after 32 years the car started. Sounds wonderful. The attached photos show a sample of what I removed from the fuel tank. The orange material is not rust its old fuel. I hope this helps others with cars that have sat around for a long time to sort out their fuel pump problems. Cheers John
  3. Hi guys, I have 2 cars that have cloth seats: 1970 240z 1973 240z I'm wondering if these were original or not? The attached pictures show seats for my 1970 &1973 240Z. If these were original equipment is there anyone that does new seat covers in cloth? I've talked to a few people who believe cloth was original. thanks John
  4. Hi There, Thought I'd have a look at my other cars. 2 have electric pumps and another is in storage in the country and I can't see from the photos what it has. More than likely original as that's why I bought that car. Its a 1973 so not likely to have a Nikki pump. Certainly these cars lent themselves to be modified as for most cars this old. My Orange car though is a 8/1971 build and has been in storage since 1995 so little has changed in that time. This is the car with the Nikki pump that is subject to my forum enquiry. The pump I've bought is coming from Thailand. It seems a lot of parts for these cars originate in Thailand? I'll keep the forum informed of my progress. thanks John
  5. Thanks everyone for their contributions. DHL have informed me my part is on its way so we will see what that looks like. Should arrive Tuesday. regards John
  6. Hi GongZ, Yes the info from Gav gave me the confidence to purchase a similar pump last night. I really only want the donor internal parts as I will retain the original base and top. Re originality I think it should have the part number "271070" and "Made in Japan Nikki" on the sides of the base, that's what mine has! of course I could be completely wrong. I'm only new to Z's but have played with other cars and originality is what's valued longer term. Thanks to everyone who has assisted, much appreciated. John
  7. Hi everyone, I'm wanting to rebuild an original Nikki 240Z fuel pump. Just wondering if anyone knows where I can obtain a rebuild kit. The part number on the Nikki pump is 271070. regards John
  8. Hi there, I would like to purchase one of these heater hose connectors. I would also like to purchase the longer one that goes around the back of the motor if you have these. regards John
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