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Found 2 results

  1. 240z rust free rolling shell All rust completely removed New chassis rails, strengthen, lengthen and dog legs up towards the rear All new bushes Tunnel widen Rear tyre well cut out and new floor replaced ready for a fuel cell RB26 + gear box out of a R32. i drove the car before it was pulled out. Motor runs well. $25,000- Chee-ky Dunlop: 0422 910 881 (for all serious inquires only) inspections welcome.
  2. Greetings, So I managed to snap up a classic z with the current intentions of doing this in stages. Personally its the largest project I will undertake with basically a ground up resto with mods to come, with majority of the work being attempted myself and hopefully (will be) finishing it. From the story I been told this car was bought new back in 1975, was one owner till a ill fate of health he was unable to continue driving, the car was then passed on to his best mate who in turn had intentions of restoring it. A friend of mine actually saw the car while out driving and stopped by and inquired about it, thus finding out it's history, a few years later he was driving through the same area and noted that it hadn't moved, That's when he pitched a offer on the basis to restore it, the owner accepted the proposal. There it was stored at his place thou with many other projects on the go he had to let it go, which in turn I jumped at it. I was mid way of restoring a 2+2, this is has now gone into storage which i ll resume later and or / use for parts. Some day once this is complete I would like to catch up with the original owners to present it to them, that's the intent anyways. So the idea is to be done in two stages. (plus for me to have some sort of record of what I'm doing, i forget things :s ) Stage 1 : Restoration of shell, rust repair, added strengthening, panel work ect. Rebuilding of brakes, suspension - std items for the moment for compliance Rb26 conversion - just engine / gearbox / exhaust for compliance. Complete rewire. - this will help suit the conversion. Interior re trim. Basically to get it on the road and compliance with the RB Stage 2 : Track prep. will edit later for finer details. Among the original owner books i found the 1st owners cams licence, since this is what she was used for, its only fitting that this is where she will go. So it starts like this - paper work. 2 years to complete, ample time to get this done. While it took a while to get approval I was well underway stripping her down to find out how a ex tracked z was..well simply it was surprising. will need to strip this. no coolant lines or welsh plugs. all coolant lines where near blocked passenger side rear took a good hit somewhere in life, explains the new door. normal rust point. expected that. upside down pic.. but normal rust in fender. nose has been replaced some time in the past. welds rusting through. drivers side arch, kink .. suggestions ? we have lift off.. passenger side door frame seen better days. drivers side rear window. drivers side front pillar. found money ! winnings. So that's just a quick overview, will be interesting to see what else is in store. stay tuned.
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