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  1. 1971 Datsun 240z with CAMS Group Sc Logbook FOR SALE Fast, reliable car developed over many years of racing, very straight, and completely rust free. Ready to race in group s, or would make a great tarmac rally car. Given the condition of the body, it would also make a great restorer (though not nearly as fun!). Selling the old girl will be like taking a piece of my heart out, but I haven’t driven it once since the kids came along, and I want someone else to take over and hopefully get as much fun out of it as I’ve had. Rest assured I’ll be cheering you on from the other side of the fence. Lots of old timesheets, race results, and photos to show that it raced up the front both wet and dry. There’s still a bit of room for improvement if you want to make it even quicker, but I’ll only give those secrets to the buyer! I wouldn’t dare tallying up how much time and money has been invested in this car - it would make my eyes water, but here’s list of a few bits that are in it. Aluminium roll cage Racetech carbon fibre head restraint seat V8 supercar pedal box Custom springs and shocks Race engine with custom cold air box Gearbox has a couple of shortened ratios Custom radiator Heaps of work done on the brakes (this is key for a group s 240z) Plastic glass Brand new windscreen (it had a chip so I’ve replaced it) Brand new battery Short steering arms for quickened steering Much more - too many things to list…. A list of spares as long as your arm including; 3 sets of wheels including 1 set of minilites It has both a straight through exhaust and a muffler which are easily changed Engines (including a rare fresh head ready for porting) Camshafts (including a very wild 76 degree) Brake drums Suspension Doors You name it, I’ve got it…. Come and have a look at it, and we can start it up and scare the neighbours Happy to negotiate a package of car and some or all spares - car is in Cheltenham, VIC Michael - zero four two five, one four one, zero four zero
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