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  1. I'll take these if not already sold
  2. wasn't aware of that page, but have signed up. thanks for the heads up
  3. Selling the diff out of my 73Z. believe its a R180, 3.9 ratio. was taken out for an R200 conversion. Has rear mounting bolts and nuts, breather is intact. In Adelaide can deliver locally if required. $150 Will Consider any reasonable offer
  4. Jeff, did you get hold of one of these trim pieces? I think I have a spare, if so its yours
  5. Needed a clock for the workshop. Actually just rebuilt this one so am letting it run to make sure it works. Love the mechanical ticking sound it makes
  6. Made replacement panel for the left hand tail light. Now to make the right hand side. Made a template out of an electrical backplane to sandwich the plate whilst I folded the internal edge like the original.
  7. Right side freed up some rust but not as bad as some I have seen. Punched all the way through but that place needs replacement so all good
  8. Time to remove the slam panel. Thought about buying a spot weld cutter but thought why not regrind a drill bit . Seems to do the job well. Now just to find all the hidden spot welds. Have been reading through a couple others builds to locate them. At first the panel only had a small blister turned out to be full of big on each end. So I guess I will be ordering in the rare spares replacement one
  9. Close up of the metal removed to fit the 260 lights.
  10. To fit the tail lights the metal work was cut to fit the reversing light and the plastic surround was cut to fit the centre piece. Even the number plate had been trimmed to fit
  11. Finally got my 73 rust bucket into the shed. Final inspiration was seeing jeff43's beauty parked at my neighbours place I figure the easiest way to get going is to start at the rear bumper and work forwards. Have been collecting parts , will need front bumper, windscreen washer bottle, air ducts from rad support panel. I'm sure more bits will be needed . And I have a working clock First task get rid of the 260 tail lights and replace with 240 ones . Because of the butchery that was done to pu in the 260 lights they didn't seal properly and the typical cancer above the tail light has taken hold. I'm wondering if the car had been hit in the rear hence the replacement lights. Rear hatch is full of big and looks like it had a rear spoiler fitted at one point. Lots of rust removal. Typical spots., dog leg floors (have replacement floors) lower guards, I'm guessing the frame rails will be shot. I guess I will be an expert welder when I'm done. Have a couple of trashed panels I have been practicing on. Anyway will post more pics as I progress
  12. Long shot but I have. 73 240 chassis 101372, the matching motor is L24-159768 but unfortunately this was removed some time before I got it
  13. It was great to see your car in the flesh yesterday, saw you driving on saturday then to come home yesterday and see you parked across from my house. excellent job you have done, hope mine will look just as good. Sounded awesome as you drove off. I'll have to come over and raid your leftover parts
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